Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jesseknits & The Maniheads

Taking a picture of yourself wearing a hat is a little tricky.  Really.  Try it.  I have.  Hundreds of times.  Thank God for digital cameras.  I can only imagine the amount of money and film I would have wasted otherwise.  I think taking a photo of your own elbow is easier.  If I get the hat at a good angle, I blinked.  If I catch myself looking particularly charming, the hat is out of focus, out of frame, or out of light.  I've even resorted to taking pictures of my hats on my husband.  The joke there is that they are women's hats, his head is definitely a larger size, and although his ponytail can make him pass for a woman from the back, his 5 o'clock shadow kills that impression from the side.  Finally, I stumbled on a solution.

Halloween is quickly approaching which means cheap wigs are available everywhere, and likewise, cheap foam head-forms   Yes!  $3 a piece - I bought three.  Best $10 props EVER.  Okay, not quite.  Cheap foam looks like, well, cheap foam.  Not the impression I was hoping my $24/skein wool would make.  How does one make a $3 foam head look like a million bucks?  Lighting sure isn't the answer this time.  Nor is spray paint.  Somehow the very thought of it conjures up images of crash test dummies.  Nope, this was going to take real crafting... Decoupage!   Off to the craft store I went.  15 pieces of scrapbook paper, a big bottle of Mod Podge Matte, a brush and Presto!  It's showtime with Jesseknits & The Maniheads!

Okay, not quite yet.  Letting the Mod Podge set before I go gluing hats to them accidentally.  But you get the picture.  I'm very excited and looking forward to re-shooting some pattern pictures with the girls here.  They will definitely be better than the flat folded on a table photos I've got now!

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