Monday, February 29, 2016

The Challenge to Bloom

Crocus on Tap Monkey fingering weight yarn
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Ever feel like there aren't enough colors in the rainbow?

Maybe not, but today, I do. I have this same phenomenon hit me in the grocery produce department where I find myself wishing there were new and exciting vegetables to try. Maybe this is a consequence of boredom. Perhaps the cage necessary to force creativity?

Now there is a concept...

When we are given limits, we are prone to testing them, are we not? Or perhaps the test isn't put upon the limits, but in fact, ourselves.

Currently I'm pushing myself to reproduce colors found in nature - flowers to be specific.Often I gravitate to food for inspiration - that is my culinary background desperately trying to make itself useful beyond my daily three squares. but I don't see a huge market for yarns named "Shrimp Scampi". Maybe I'm wrong, but I digress.

Spring is upon us and soon life will be thrusting forth from gardens and pavement cracks alike. The palette seems virtually limitless, and yet, it's all made from that same handful of colors I find so confining. The trick is in the shade, hue, value and combination. Add Mother Nature and suddenly there are more colors, or rather combinations, than you can wag a willow at.

Challenge accepted.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Homeless Yarns Available for Adoption - Placement Fees Waived

This has been a wild weekend.

I dyed. I dyed a lot. Over 60 skeins of yarn went through the dye pots in my kitchen and fantastic things came out. I'm exhausted but I LOVE what I do. Dyeing yarn, creating new colors and shipping beautiful things out to wonderful people who will make even more beautiful things from my yarn is so much fun. I only wish I could do this all day long and skip the "real job" thing.

So now that I have all this wonderful yarn, I need to find homes for it. How about you? I'll sweeten the deal. Use coupon code FREE2EWE in my Etsy Shop between now and Leap Years Day (02/29/16) on your order of $35 or more and I'll ship it to your US address for FREE!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Studio Renovations Done-ish...and back to work!

I'm proud and excited to announce the studio renovations are done(ish). We still have a couple of projects to finish before it will be truly complete, but the work on the space itself is finished, right down to the trim work. Now I have a functional, peaceful space to knit and design in.

So, no more excuses, right?

Well, I don't have any grand new designs for you right now, but I have recently released a couple of designs that had previously only been available via the Signature Series Kits. The Ebbenflow Cowl became available for individual pattern purchase in January, and as of today, the Ferndale Shawl is also available. You can find each of these patterns on Ravelry.

Part of the studio upgrade included an upgrade to my product photography via a photobox. If you pop into my Etsy shop Dye Monkey Yarns anytime in the next couple of days, you'll notice a number of products have new photos. I'm working hard to provide the absolute best color representation possible. And just for you, I'm adding new colors too!

Oh, and if you read the whole blog post you win! Use "LOYAL15" in either my Ravelry or Etsy shops until February 14th and get 15% off your purchase. Coupon code is good in BOTH shops.