Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Local Paper...

John and I wanted to share this blurb from our favorite section, "Rants & Raves", of the local paper. "Rants & Raves" are submitted via phone, mail or email to The Observer.

Sunday, December 23 2007 - Page7

"Boy, howdy! What I'd like to give to get my hands on them little heathens who came around my country club neighborhood and place all our beloved and tranquil holiday reindeer in compromising and outlandish positions. All out hard work and painstaking effort to provide a beautiful and happy setting for all the good children was quickly turned in a scene of debauchery. I also wanted to say that all thee cats are coming into my yard and tearing up my outdoor furniture. I even saw some trying to climb down my chimney. I need some traps to stop them little rascals as well. Lastly, I want to say that all this cold weather is making me miss the bikini carwash girls."

The Observer is a small newspaper serving Sandoval County and Albuquerque's West Side. You will be able to find The Observer online at

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

The holidays are upon us! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here's a brief update on us...

We've had a couple of very brief snowstorms that amounted to very little and melted as quickly as it fell, but the temperature has been very cold. It has been great weather for sitting by the fire and watching the sun set against the mountains.

Sam and I spent some "special time" together the week of December 3rd. Sam and I constructed a gingerbread house from a kit. Sam had great fun decorating his house. I managed to get a few good pictures, but sadly, gingerbread houses don't last very long, and the roof managed to slide to its doom before John got home from work that afternoon. Sam enjoyed eating the decorations regardless of the structural damage.

Sam also helped to decorate the house this year by cutting out giant snowflakes that we taped to the windows. I showed him how to fold the paper, and what sort of cuts you could make, and he went right at it and made some really neat designs. I also bought him a book on snowflakes - it had instructions for designs you could use all year, including teddy bears, pumpkins, hearts, shamrocks and much, much more.

Sam has grown up a lot this past year. His reading is improving daily. He's able to read Curious George books almost independently, and on several occasions has gone to his bookshelf to entertain himself, rather than playing with his toys. Sam is doing wonderful in math. He is adding and subtracting double digits.

Sam has recently explored several new hairstyles. He briefly dabbled in spiked hairdos before launching full-on into about 2 weeks of Mohawks. He recently stopped his designer antics, but I've got his gel and hairspray set aside as he's sure to continue his experiments.

In early January, John will be having day surgery on his knee. He'll be home from work for at least a week, but knowing him, recovery will be quick - John's not much on patience when it comes to illness or injury. I fully expect John will be back to racing in the spring - the only change will be the addition of a knee brace or two.

John had a great year racing. Overall for 2007 at Sandia Motor Speedway, John placed 3rd in the SuperMoto Open and 5th in Novice Club Sport. Information about the track, standings and more can be found at:

My business, Cookie A Day, continues to grow. This year I had several new customers including:

Mainly Rugs - - online sales of area rugs

Elegant Mommy - - online maternity clothing resale

Caroline's Pet Connections - - pet care & sitting in Southern Maine

Women's Empowerment Resources - - a resource directory

For the American Heart - - online sales of greeting cards and daily devotionals dedicated to American soldiers and veterans

Art-Carnage - - online sales of commodified art

Pinky Lee Productions - - children's stories and homemade products

With each project I had fun developing new designs and building new friendships. I also had the pleasure of continuing my work with:

R&W Engraving / Quick Copy Center - - engraving, gifts and printed goods

Maternity Fair / Baby Furniture Fair - / - maternity clothing and baby furniture resale

Energy Pulse - - metaphysical talks and products

Sussex Foot and Ankle - - podiatry

The Friendly Fish - - hand engraved jewelry and more

Energetically Enhanced Jewelry by Eduard Oganov - - jewelry designs

I am very grateful both to and for my customers. I love what I do and I'm looking forward to my 8th year in business!