Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knitting Lace

I love knitting lace almost as much as love knitting cables. I find knitting stockinette stitch boring.  I live for the variety lace and cables provide.  They are visually exciting to look at and most definitely not boring to knit.

Most recently I completed a lovely little FREE pattern I found on Ravelry called 198 yards of Heaven by Christy Verity.  It's knit with worsted weight wool, and in most cases you only need 1 skein.  It knit up very quickly (about 5 1/2 hours) and the pattern provides both written and charted instructions.  This is a great beginner project for individuals looking to try lace.  The finished size is just over neck kerchief and makes a lovely winter accent.

I highly recommend this pattern and look forward to trying more of Christy's patterns.  (This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement.)  

Saturday, November 19, 2011


To celebrate my Robin Hunter interview I'm hosting a giveaway!

PRIZE: Set of Holiday Ornaments (Hat, Sweater & Mittens) from Lindy Howell & Friends (free shipping) ANDDigital Copy of the Knit Pattern of your choice from my designs (emailed to you)
VALUE: $11.75-$13.75 (depending on pattern selection)
# WINNERS: 2 (two)
END DATE: 11:59 PM MST, Friday, December 2nd
WHERE PRIZE CAN BE WON: United States and Canada Only

To enter giveaway, leave comment below and follow my blog.  Be sure to leave me a way to contact you!

You can earn additional entries by:
- Following Lindy Howell & Friends Blog at http://lindyhowellandfriends.blogspot.com/
- Visiting http://www.myknits.com/ and joining the mailing list
- Adding a pattern to your favorites on http://www.ravelry.com/designers/jessica-lheureux
- Sharing this giveaway on your Facebook page
- Posting a link to this giveaway on your blog

- Visit the Robin Hunter Interview of me and leave a comment on Robin's blog
- Purchase from Lindy Howell & Friends Etsy shop and earn you an additional 5 entries to this giveaway!

To get credit for your additional entries, please be sure to let me know what you’ve done by leaving separate comments for each entry that you've completed.  You must list your blog address if you post a link.  Be sure to include your email address, substituting "at" for @.

This giveaway will end at 
11:59 PM MST, Friday, December 2nd.  Two winners will be chosen using a random number generator on Saturday, December 3rd.

I look forward to reading each of your comments!

New Patterns (Two!): Rhoda's Scarf and Brenda - Women's Hat

Rhoda's Scarf 

Sometimes you simply need a scarf to complete your look. By special request, this scarf has been designed to coordinate with the Gracie hat pattern. 

The pattern begins with a lace edge. Stitches are then picked up for the main body of the scarf featuring a wide cable framed with gooseberry bobbles, worked back and forth to half the desired length. A duplicate half is then knit and the two halves are seamed at the center back. 

Instructions are given for two sizes: Child (40") and Teen/Adult (58")  Shown in Cascade 220 (Oyster).  Yardage: 235 (335)
Tools: Size US 7 (4.5mm) straight needles, stitch holder, tapestry needle, and cable needle. Row counter is helpful.

Rhoda, thank you for the inspiration!

  $3.00 for PDF pattern @ Raverly.com

Brenda - Women's Hat

Medallions and smocking details give this hat wonderful visual appeal! The main body is knit horizontally and then joined into a circle. Stitches are picked up around the top edge to finish the hat. Brim edge rolls up to show face framing cable. Braid embellishment is optional.

Shown in Red Heart Soft Yarn Solids (Grape). Yardage: 170-190
Tools: Size US 6 (4.0mm) straight and DPNs, cable needle, stitch marker, tapestry needle.  Row counter is helpful.

  $3.00 for PDF pattern @ Raverly.com

Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Become a Professional Knitter Interview.

My Google Reader had my name on it this morning!
How proud am I?
I consider it a huge honor to be interviewed by Robin Hunter.  Please take a moment to visit the interview and then be sure to "follow" Robin's blog.  There is an amazing wealth of information presented there.

I think this calls for a celebratory Giveaway...
Stay tuned!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Upcoming Pattern: "Rhoda"

I recently taught my "Gracie" hat pattern to a lovely group of women here in Albuquerque (Thank you Ladies - I enjoyed my time with each of you!), and one of the women asked me if I could find a scarf pattern for her that would compliment "Gracie".  I searched.  I went through the several thousand Raverly patterns and even jumped over to Pattern Fish to see if there was anything there, but nothing really offered the same design elements or tied into the "feel" of the "Gracie" hat.  So, I'm proud to announce, I'm creating "Rhoda" in honor of the requester!

"Rhoda" features the cables, gooseberry stitch and lace of "Gracie" but in a slightly less intense, scarf format.  This pattern is in the final testing stages now.  Be on the look-out for it's release in the very near future!

Rhoda, thank you for the inspiration.  I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to design this for you!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Home and Home Again

The Storm that Wouldn't Be
It's always good to visit home.  John and I enjoyed a surprise trip back East this fall... although we weren't the only surprise.  During our visit, New England was hit by the Halloween 2011 Nor'easter, despite my brother-in-law's insistence that the forecasted storm wasn't going to amount to "anything".  (Ray, you had to know I wouldn't let it go!)

Like any vacation, our time was too short, and filled entirely too full.  We tried to get around to seeing everyone, but the storm and our time constraints eliminated many of our hopes and opportunities.

John: Husband, Hiker, Saver of Cameras
Before the storm hit, John and I were able to get out and enjoy some of the sites.  We had a lovely little riparian hike at Cascade Falls, which nearly spelled the end of our digital camera.  It's fascinating to see how fast a man can scamper after a cased camera tumbling water-ward.

We both really enjoyed our time at the falls.  It was a very different environment from the desert we call home.  So many trees!  So much moss!  Beautiful.

We also took a little time to stare at the ocean.  It occurs to me that I never appreciated it as much when I had open access to it as I do now that it is so very far away.  I would have loved to have had the time to have gone out on the mail ferry.

This was an extra-special visit for John's family as it was the first time in many years that the entire family was together in one place. We were able to spend a couple of meals together, and even managed an early Thanksgiving dinner with my mum, Bob, and sister, Rachel also in attendance.  It was a real treat to have our families meet, and I'm very grateful for having had the opportunity. A very heartfelt thanks goes out to Ray and Anne for hosting us all.

Nick, Ethan & Emma @ Halloween
We had a great time visiting with our niece and nephews.  They've all grown so much!  Not to mention some of the other, more curious changes in appearance we observed.

As for the bed and breakfast in which we stayed... Many, many thanks go out to Jamie and Denise for hosting us.  We have great appreciation for how stressful a home renovation can be, and even greater appreciation for the stress a houseful of family can impart.  Every minute was a delight, and seriously, nothing was an inconvenience.  Thank you, and, you'd better send pictures of your beautiful new kitchen.

Maisy: B&B Hostess, Fan of Yarn & Knitters
We managed a couple of quick visits with Chris and Sam on our way in and out.  Due to our GPS and rush hour traffic, we missed Sam's last soccer practice of the season.  I'm really disappointed about that, but I still got in my hugs, and was able to deliver a couple of pairs of handknit socks, which Sam loved.  He's already grown so much since his visit this summer, and I can't wait to see how much more he'll have grown before I see him again.

Our journey home was long.  We hope to get back East to visit everyone again in the not too distant future, but need to heal our plane-worn butts first.  Family is ALWAYS welcome to come visit us.  Jamie, the Firey Foods Festival is March 2-4, 2012, and we know you'd love it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Pattern: Nancy's Wrist Warmers

Does your chilly office still demand productivity?  Is it sunny enough for cafĂ© patio coffee, but just a little too brisk for bare hands?  Nancy’s Wrist Warmers solve these problems.  Lacy pattern lends style to fingerless function.  Alternately knit in the round, back and forth, and in the round again on circular or double pointed needles, the thumb hole is effortlessly formed.  Ribbing may be extended to individual comfort and delight.

One size fits most.  Shown in Lion Brand Yarn's Microspun (color: Cherry).  Tools: US Size 3 (3.25) 9" circular or double pointed needles, stitch marker, tapestry needle.  Row counter helpful.

  $2.50 for PDF pattern @ Ravelry.com

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Necessity Knitting - 6 Hour Halloween Hat

My husband and I visited home recently, just in time for the freak Halloween 2011 Nor'easter.  Neither of us was prepared for this weather.  Out of sheer coincidence, I'd brought a scarf knitting project with me.  John however, was without woolly warmth accessories.  Of course, there was yarn shopping on my trip, and I found some lovely Rowan DK Tweed on an exceptional sale, days before the storm, which my brother-in-law assured us would turn out to be nothing.  I bought two skeins... tempted by the price/value.  Little did I know to what value it would appreciate.

Halloween we were to accompany the niece and nephews trick-or-treating, and thusly, I cast on a hat for John that morning.  Six short well entertained hours later, John was warmer and envied.

Lesson learned... buy sale yarn when you see it.  You never know how quickly it will become useful.

During our trip, I also purchased 2 skeins of Happy Feet, destined for socks, and 2 skeins of local hand spun & dyed wool that was simply too beautiful to resist.  I'm slightly annoyed that the hand spun & dyed label offers a weight, but not yardage, so I'll have to measure it when I ball it.  It's very difficult to select a fitting project without yardage measurement :(

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Knitting

Here's my fun way of reminding you that there are 55 days left to complete your Christmas knitting. I suggest casting on before you start the video.

Happy Knitting!