Saturday, July 9, 2011

A not-so-green Green Bin Farm Report

John and I spent the morning fortifying the garden.  Haley, aka Satan's Monkey, continues to break in and dig up the few things that are growing, despite our training efforts and deterrent devices.  We added an additional 2 feet of height to the perimeter fencing - now a total of 5 feet tall.  It's beginning to look like a penitentiary.  She breaks in again, that may be exactly what it becomes.

Besides the dog, the drought has really taken its toll on our gardens.  We are yet to have measurable rain THIS YEAR.  There is the promise of monsoon season... due to start soon, like today, but alas, nothing yet. The raspberry plant is hurting... ok, looks dead.  I refuse to give up.  The cherry and pear trees continue to struggle, but at least they don't look dead yet.

We have been able to harvest peas.  So far its the only thing that has produced.  They've been delicious.  Our tomato plants have suddenly taken off and we are seeing flowers, but the plants are still quiet short - under 12" still.  We have one cucumber that has flowered.  Haley ate the budding cukes.  It is flowering again, so there is still hope.  We also replanted tomato and cuke seeds after the last attack - all the seedlings seem to be sprouting.  We still have some carrots and onions that survived doggie digging.  We planted 3 or 4 varieties of peppers this year and they are still tiny little seedlings, not even 1" tall.  No idea.  No discernible growth what-so-ever. Sweet potatoes are growing quiet well, but it'll be months yet before we know if they are producing.

Los Alamos Fire - Day 1 - Photo Credit John L'Heureux
Although forest fires continue to burn, the worst seems behind us... at least we aren't chocking on smoke any longer.  For about three weeks we didn't spend any time outside unless absolutely necessary.  Air quality was so bad we considered terrorist taping the windows.  Visibility was so bad it was often difficult to see more than 1/2 mile.  Weather has also been very hot.  With the smoke, we couldn't run the swamp cooler as it just drew the smoke indoors.  Finally now, the house is cool and smoke free.

Sam will be arriving Thursday.  He'll be attending soccer camp for two weeks this year.  He's really excited about it.  They have a pool at the soccer field, so he'll be getting in some swim time as well.   I'm hoping that the monsoons affect mainly the late afternoons so that he can fully enjoy the camp.  They have a cancellation policy for inclement weather, so he may end up spending some time in the nutrition office with me.  I'll be taking a week off from work for Sam's third week.  We don't have any firm plans yet, but I'm sure we'll figure out some fun things to do.