Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Whoosh! That year went quick...

Punk Rock Parakeet on Folk Monkey Fingering
Well, here I am. I've been back at the dye pots for a year now. I'm sorry you haven't heard from me sooner; life has been full of surprises this past year. It's also been full of lots of fun yarn dyeing and crafting.  

I've got a number of new colorways, as well as a couple of old favorites in stock over at Practical Stitchcraft.  Be sure to check out Heather's site. She is a force of nature. Despite her full-time job, she is still offering in-person classes, occasional virtual classes (with more to come), pop-up events, all while still working the tech-editing side of her business, helping designers produce patterns that are size inclusive and fully comprehensive.  

Phew! Like I said... force of nature.  

And my yarn is only a small part of her shop's story. She offers a full line of notions, accessories and several commercial yarns, with more to come, as well as tools, kits and supplies for the embroiderers out there.  It's a lot, and I'm very proud to have my little space in her world.

And... yup, you guessed it, there is more: Meet-ups! Check her site, get connected and join the public meet-ups. Generally, there is one (often more) meet-up per month in Albuquerque, open to the public, open to ALL crafts, and featuring in-person deliveries of orders and often even a full shop pop-up to let you get your hands on the yarns and see them side-by-side in person.  

I love the meet-ups. Locations vary, often have food opportunities near-by, and I'm yet to attend one that was in a poorly lit venue.  This crafting community is friendly, generous, and supportive. Bring your project, share your craft, or just hang out and chat if you need communal time.  There is never pressure or obligation.  All are welcome.