Sunday, April 23, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 29 - Rookie Mistakes & Wrong vs Different

Extra long episode in which I show off one studio acquisition, talk about my design mistake and variances in yarns, discuss gauge, show off my sweater progress and offer quick tutorials on purling, yarn overs and demonstrate how wrapping yarn in the opposite direction when purling creates a twisted stitch. Two new hat designs are shown. I also dive into the mail bag and answer a viewer's questions.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 28 - Fresh Starts

Wow! We ran all over the place today and covered a bunch of techniques:

Glazing (Yarn Dyeing)

Knitted Cast On
Cable Cast On
Long Tail Cast On (Two Methods)
I-Cord Bind Off

Looking for more cast ons and bind offs?
Check out:
Cast On Bind Off - 54 Step by Step Methods By Leslie Ann Bestor

Thank you so much for joining me!
Have a great week and Happy Crafting!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 27 - Begin Again

A week in review; I’ve got a new hat design in the works that is suffering a redo. Still working on my sweater, although not getting as much done as quickly as I’d like. Clown sock #2 is on the 9”circular and I’m re-experiencing working with the mini circular, looking more closely as the pros and cons through the project. I have some studio enhancements include a new sock ruler and a custom made project bag that I’m simply in love with. Also, demonstrated a isolation dye technique I’m experimenting with. The resulting yarn is headed out to David at DogDare podcast for his #DogDareBatesMotelMAL - be sure to check that out for your opportunity to name and win this yarn.
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Love you all! 
Remember, when things don’t work out, try, try again. 
It’s only sticks and string! 
See you next time!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 26 - The Pick-Up Artist

I've been busy picking up new products, techniques and stitches... so here includes some product reviews, a teaser about a dye technique I'm trying, lots of double knitting discussion and more on the sweater saga and picking up stitches around the armhole. Giveaway winner is drawn and announced (ha! thought you could cheat by reading this!) and there are lots of cool links to shops. Also, don't forget, PODCAST25 sale is ongoing until April 16th - get 25% off your order at

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Where does inspiration come from? Sometimes, irritation.

Where does inspiration come from? That is one of the most commonly asked questions of anyone producing craft or art. And the answer is almost always some version of "everywhere". This past week, my inspiration came from someone else's art... in an unlikely form... and advertisement jingle. But not just any jingle. Nope. A nagging, torture-some earworm of a jingle.

Do you remember? (If you are like me and catch earworms easily, you may want to stop here.) It was 1988 and California was apparently overrun with Blue's singing raisins. The California Raisin Advisory Board (yes, this exists) paid Buddy Miles to sing Marvin Gaye's classic "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" to help save California from its apparent raisin crisis and drive America's millions to munch away on this dehydrated delight.  This campaign was so successful, it launched these cartoon depictions to such vaulted heights as to make cartoons and even movies.

In my house, we are Roku watchers. We enjoy the myriad of free B-Movie streaming channels Roku affords us. Recently, one of these channels managed to get a hold of one of these classic raisin ads. (Insert tortured B-Movie actress scream here.)  

Three days. That freaking song was stuck in my head three whole days. I seriously though I was going to need to be medicated.

But good did come from it. With raisins on the brain, I created a new colorway. "Raisin the Bar" is available for your own fruity enjoyment now in my Etsy shop, with more on the drying rack just waiting to be listed.

Just don't tell me you "heard it through the grapevine".