Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sam @ Zoo Camp!

My counselor is Tiffany. My assistant counselor is Robby.

I got to feed an elephant and give it a good pat on the shoulder. Dirt went in my eye. Rosy, the elephant is pregnant. We got to see the baby move in her. In craft, we created a paper that shows animals that are nocturnal and diurnal. I got an orange Camp BioPark 2009 shirt to wear all week.

We got to prepare food for monkeys, birds, seals and others. I got to go into the freezer and prepare food for the monkeys and birds, like apples, lettuce, spinach, carrots and eggs. When I was in the freezer my hand got really cold and red. I could not move it. I had to switch jobs and I prepared the raisins instead. Next, I went in the Diet room and got to help prepare the seals food. We each got to fill up a bucket with 2 pounds of fish. You could feel the bone in the fish. I forgot my hat in the classroom.

I got my hat back! Today I made a mosaic of a mouse from seeds, glue and a bottle cap. It is a magnet. We got to feed the parakeets. One stole the cup of nectar right out of my hands. In the classroom we had three animal visitors - a hedge hog, a porcupine, and a parrot. If you said "woof" to the parrot, he would bark at you like a dog! The hedge hog pooped on the floor - oh, and he peed. We also got to visit the koala bears. Koala's eat eucalyptus leaves. I learned a new song "Kookaburra" - ask me and I'll sing it for you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sam's Here!

Sam has arrived for his visit. Today he opened some of his birthday presents. One was particularly exciting to him... I filmed him playing with it. Watch below.

Wait for it... Sam pops himself in the nose - well worth watching the whole video (2:17)!

Sam has received several fun toys. He's tried burning ants with his magnifying glass, and is particularly looking forward to going to Michaels to buy some art projects. We have plans to draw all over the cement patio as well. There are a couple more gifts to open yet, but he thanks everyone - he's having a great time!