Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sam @ Zoo Camp!

My counselor is Tiffany. My assistant counselor is Robby.

I got to feed an elephant and give it a good pat on the shoulder. Dirt went in my eye. Rosy, the elephant is pregnant. We got to see the baby move in her. In craft, we created a paper that shows animals that are nocturnal and diurnal. I got an orange Camp BioPark 2009 shirt to wear all week.

We got to prepare food for monkeys, birds, seals and others. I got to go into the freezer and prepare food for the monkeys and birds, like apples, lettuce, spinach, carrots and eggs. When I was in the freezer my hand got really cold and red. I could not move it. I had to switch jobs and I prepared the raisins instead. Next, I went in the Diet room and got to help prepare the seals food. We each got to fill up a bucket with 2 pounds of fish. You could feel the bone in the fish. I forgot my hat in the classroom.

I got my hat back! Today I made a mosaic of a mouse from seeds, glue and a bottle cap. It is a magnet. We got to feed the parakeets. One stole the cup of nectar right out of my hands. In the classroom we had three animal visitors - a hedge hog, a porcupine, and a parrot. If you said "woof" to the parrot, he would bark at you like a dog! The hedge hog pooped on the floor - oh, and he peed. We also got to visit the koala bears. Koala's eat eucalyptus leaves. I learned a new song "Kookaburra" - ask me and I'll sing it for you.

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