Saturday, December 30, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 51 - Here Comes 2018!

I finished socks for my husband after a considerable amount of math - finally achieving a pair that fits him after years of ill fitting hand made socks. I'm currently working on a pair of Coexist socks (pattern by Claire Ellen - available for Free on Ravelry) and, of course, continuing my work on my How To Eat An Elephant blanket. I show of some yarny acquisitions - all wonderful gifts, and have a general discussion of goals and upcoming projects for the New Year.

Also, I discuss Patreon.

I’ve started a Patreon page!

What is Patreon? Patreon is an online membership platform that helps artists, like myself, get financial support from their fans. Patrons can elect to pledge monthly support (in very affordable small amounts) and receive special rewards for doing so.

Rewards vary from level to level, but are always knitty in nature. Current rewards are listed on my page. Every level of patronage has a tangible reward!

All funds collected through Patreon will go toward supporting the filming and publishing of the Knit Up & Dye Podcast, tools, equipment and products for demonstrations and giveaway prizes, as well as travel to knitting related events and classes to develop better knitting and dyeing techniques to be shared through the podcast, yarns and patterns.

And, I have a bigger goal in mind. When I reach $500 per month, I’ll be able to offer exclusive online knitting classes to my patrons in which I’ll teach specific projects and all the techniques necessary to complete them. My dream is to be able to create a knitting class online that you can take from the privacy and comfort of your home, no matter where that may be.

If you are interested in learning more, please take a moment to explore my page.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Colorway Chronicles: Gold Dust Woman

This colorway scares me half to death every time I make it, only because it's one of those combinations that initially looks awful, but somehow magic happens and the colors become something so much more than the parts.

"Gold Dust Woman" is exactly that... worth much more than the glittery powder she's made from.

To make this sock blank, I utilize a couple of techniques. First I work controlled wall pours in my roasting pan with bright teal and orange dyes and carefully tilt the pans to allow these colors to swirl and bleed together. This bleeding together patinas the teal and tones down the vibrancy of the orange, turning it to a pretty copper. This copper always amazes me. I've never been able to replicate that color by any other method, and it is hard to control.

Once I'm happy with the way the colors have blended (stopping short of making mud) I bake it off to heat set the dyes. The blank then gets a wash and spin dry before heading off to my airbrush table. I then airbrush in reds and navys to accent the southwest feel of these colors, whilst making use of the voids and adding some unexpected features to the piece.

These processes worked together allow me to offer a blank richly saturated in color, with the whimsy of applied imagery. I'm currently addicted to this process and filling my shop with a bunch of one of a kind pieces.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

3 Month Sock Blank Club!

I'm VERY excited to announce I'm starting a Sock Blank Club!

My first club will be three months long beginning in January, 2018. Each month you will receive a 100g/463 yard single knit sock blank of a unique design and colorway. Yup, that's right... each one will be a delightful surprise in your mail, with shipments posting by the 20th of each month.

This club is VERY limited. If you are interested, don't wait. Purchase your membership today. Next club won't be until April, 2018.


Free US Shipping on any order of $50.00 or more until January 5, 2018 - no coupon code required.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Colorway Chronicles: Waiting for Monet

Some colorway effects take longer to produce than others. In this particular case, I knew I wanted to create a sock yarn with bright jewel tones but with a watery tonal effect, rather than fully saturated blocks of color.

For this project, I opted to experiment in my roasting pans with a combination of poured and scribbled dyeing techniques.

I soaked my yarns in a high acid solution in my roasting pans until fully saturated, then added a rich purple color to just one end and allowed it to set in the oven while I mixed up a medium sapphire blue and an emerald green and loaded those to condiment bottles for a scribble application. I applied these colors to the remaining white end, heat setting and then reapplying multiple times to achieve a layered and yet clean, not muddied look. I was careful to carry the scribble application of the dyes into the previously dyed purple to provide a cohesive blend to the overall skein, rather than leaving distinct color blocking.

As I worked each application, I found myself waiting to see if it would muddy or retain the water color look I was hoping for.  I am very happy with the end result. These skeins reminded me of the works of Claude Monet - his beautiful waterlilies and riparian representations, and thus I found with each batch, I had been "Waiting for Monet".

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Instagram Flash Sale Today!

Do you follow me on Instagram? If not, you should. You can find me there as dyemonkeyyarns.

Today I'm dyeing sock blanks and posting pictures of them as I work, not only so that you can see the process that goes into them, but also to give you first chance to nab them for yourself.

If you see a sock blank you love, simply direct message me through Instagram to claim yours! I'll have all the details in the post.

Remember, each one is a One Of A Kind - so grab what you love while you can.

Go spoil yourself!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Colorway Chronicles: Northern Lights

I grew up in Maine, and even in southern Maine, on the rare occasion you can catch a faint glimpse of the dancing lights in the sky caused by colliding electrically charged particles entering the Earth's atmosphere over the north pole known as the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

Now the faint displays are nothing like the vibrant pictures of this phenomenon you can find in your google search, but there were a couple of occasions that I remember being awe inspiring and even a little scary. What was this magic that caused what looked like blue fire in the sky? I'm older than google, so at that time, I didn't have the answer in the palm of my hand.

"Northern Lights" is my interpretation of the aurora borealis. I intentionally used my Disco Monkey base in this colorway's creation due to its stellina content, which provides me a starry sky. I layer multiple blues, being sure to leave some white, silver and grey for the brightest of flashes. Knit up into socks, the colors chase each other around in a spiral, mimicking the swirling flashes of color I saw in the northern skies.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 50 - Knit Mania

I'm a knitting fool - two pairs of socks, a fingering weight sweater and and fingering weight blanket are on the needles! I demonstrate the Chinese Waitress cast on - if you are looking for a super stretchy short tail cast on, this one is for you.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Colorway Chronicles: Newspaper & Coffee

I actually demonstrated and talked about this colorway and its inspiration pretty extensively in my podcast (Episode 43: Inspiration), but wanted to kind of expand on how everyday items can be inspiration for colorways.

In this particular case, the colorway was inspired by a yarn my mother had purchased and described to me over the phone. That yarn had a colorway name of "newsprint" if memory serves, and I found myself immediately inspired by the romantic idea of the peaceful scene around your morning newspaper and coffee.
I dyed this yarn in my roasting pans using a high acid solution soak and my scribble dyeing technique in which I apply dye to the yarn in random patterns using condiment bottles. For this colorway I incorporated a black, silver and coffee brown tone. What I created captured the warm yellow brown tones left behind by coffee rings on the varying intensities of print found on your morning paper. This colorway makes me feel all warm and relaxed and peaceful; triggers all the feelings of that newspaper and coffee experience.

This experience/emotional triggering is often my goal when creating colorways. I want to surround myself/my knitting customers in warm, happy, memory drenched familiarity.

If you are looking to create a colorway and need inspiration, look to your favorite activities. Look at the colors of the environment that holds that activity for you. Whether it's the color of the tile at your favorite spa, the seats and drapes of your local theater, or as simple as the color of your fuzzy slippers, a yarn dyeing in these colors will provide you a gateway to re-experiencing this happy place for the duration of the project you knit with it, and the life of the product you produce.

After I finish reading the paper over a cup of coffee, I have a cowl to knit that will remind me of that morning quiet time for years to come.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Colorway Chronicles: Midnight Ginger Snaps

Someone (Kait!) once asked me which of my colorways do I hate to make and why.

I honestly didn't have to think too hard about the question before I came up with this answer.

"Midnight Ginger Snaps" is the result of a rescue attempt on a bad dye job.

This colorway is one of my earliest creations. I actually love the colorway. I hate making it for a number of reasons. The first reason being that it reminds me of a time that I strove for a particular look and failed. Miserably. All the other reasons are tied to anxieties about trying to recreate accidental perfection from not great notes and the fact that multiple processes have to be worked to achieve it, but I digress...

I LOVE the colors orange and blue together. So much so that on casual Fridays at work, you will often find me in blue jeans and a construction cone, day-glow orange polo shirt. It is my favorite color combination and I set out to make a yarn that captured that.

What I got was a hideous yarn with navy and ugly vibrant burnt orange that was going to pool. It was hideous. I allowed it to dry, hoping the colors would bloom and I would see it differently the next day. It only got worse. Even my very supportive husband inquired "What are you going to do with THAT?

I was very unhappy. I knew it needed a rescue, and so, I over dyed it. From that came some unexpected results.

Working with dyes, strange "not color wheel" things happen. For example, if you apply a light purple over yellow, you get a rich gold color. In this particular case, I applied navy over orange and got a lovely ginger color.

The over dye result was more than a rescue, it was a win. I love the result. It made me reminiscent of a camping trip I had taken with my husband in which we had unwisely packed dry ice on the top of our food cooler and effectively frozen everything solid. Our first dinner on that trip was eaten by flashlight in our navy tent and comprised solely of that which wasn't frozen: corn chips, peanut M&M's and gingersnap cookies. "Midnight Ginger Snaps" resembles the colors in that memory, as well as how making do with what we had became so much more.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 49 - Traveler's Tales

In which I gab at length about my trip to Knit Ithaca NY, visit mum & sis in Maine, then Pop Up at Unwound in La Crosse WI and show off my projects and acquisitions as well as some upcoming designs.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 48 - You only have to imagine it

So much to share! Questions and answers including the Infinite Long Tail Cast On for Invisible Join, current projects and my very exciting upcoming visit to Unwound in La Crosse, WI!

Contact Unwound to reserve your spot at the Breakfast with the Monkey @ JavaVino! Visit the shop for the Dye Monkey Unwound Take Over and be among the first to enjoy new colors, new bases including sock blanks, new kits and more! November 18-19th

Monday, October 23, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 47 - You asked for it

I keep getting great feedback about my demonstrations and recently have had requests to get back into the kitchen, so here it is: a whole episode dedicated solely (ha!) to airbrushing and stenciling a sock blank. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Come and get Unwound with Ms. Monkey!

The UNWOUND event is coming! 
Do you reside in, or plan to visit, the La Crosse, WI area?
Join me at Unwound November 18-19!
See the event schedule for more details and be sure to sign up and join us for Breakfast with the Monkey @ JavaVino on Saturday morning!!!

I have wonderful new products that will be available exclusively at the shop, including project kits and new yarn bases. I look forward to meeting you!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 44 - Busy, Busy!

I managed to hit 25% of my How to Eat and Elephant blanket, and made progress on my sweater. Quick discussions about seamed vs unseamed garments, dyeing (times and temperatures), as well as reaching 5% acidity.

All yarns in my Etsy shop are on sale (no coupon code required) at 25% off until September 15th. Please take advantage while you can. Many of the remaining colorways will not be back.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Three Kinds of Addiction!

The first three of the "Addicted Two Ewe" series are now available for purchase on Ravelry!

All three patterns qualify for 15% off with coupon code LOYAL15 until August 31st!

What makes these patterns GREAT?
  • Each pattern uses only basic stitches: cast on, knit, knit two together, yarn over, slip stitch, bind off. 
  • The patterns are written to use two skeins of fingering weight yarn held together, helping you bust your stash, while creating exciting colors and textures.
  • Each of the scarf designs are flexible enough to "use it till it's gone" so that you don't have a lot of excess yarn.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 43 - Inspiration

Quick updates on my knitting projects, announcement about Addicted Two Ewe and Still Addicted Two Ewe now available, 20% off sale in Etsy yarn shop, demonstration of scribble dyeing technique and discussion about inspiration.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 42 - Busy Doing Nothing

Clarification on glazing/veiling vs over dyeing, discussion on scribble dyeing technique, general updates on works in progress and call for input on kits.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 41 - Define "Vacation"

So, I'm the kind of person who stuffs my "vacation" full of work, as you will see here.
General progress updates on my How to Eat and Elephant Blanket as well as my Heirloom Tomatoes Sweater. Discussion about the Addicted Two Ewe Series. Special thanks go out to Donna who gave me permission to show off the doll I made for her.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

How the Addiction Began...

Madly Addicted Two Ewe... Casting on!
If you've been following my podcast (or stalking me on Raverly or Instagram) you know about my Addicted Two Ewe series, but I haven't really written about it, so here's an introduction.

Earlier this summer I was playing around with some design ideas inspired by someone who doesn't purl. We all have limitations in our lives. For some people it's public speaking, others just never get the hang of baking, and for crafters, often it boils down to a technique that we simply can't get wrapped around or straight up detest. I know someone who doesn't purl. And, initially, I was really vexed by the idea that this seemingly simply technique wasn't going to be mastered and felt really sorry for the knitter because without purling, patterns can be incredibly limited. And so, ever out to heal the world, I set out to create patterns with this limitation in mind.

What I didn't expect to discover was how inspiring limitations can be. At the onset, I expected garter was going to be the ruling force, and indeed, it is the primary basis. But the truth of the matter is, it is only the primary fabric texture and not the end of the story. That fabric can be manipulated in every way stockinette can. And with that understanding... design freedom prevails.

But that isn't the whole story behind this series. There was another driving force: Stash that exceeds life expectancy.

I track my knitted yardage using (free - go check it out!). I think it's fun to look back at my mileage; it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. Since 2010, when I started tracking my knitted yarn mileage, I've knit 31.1 miles of yarn in completed projects. WOW!  I also use Ravelry's stash inventory feature to keep track of my yarns on hand. (also free - check it out!) This tool is fantastic! I can quickly go in, see what yarns I have, sort by color, weight, yardage and quickly determine if I have what I need/want for a project or if I HAVE to buy more yarn (OH NO!).

Ravelry's stash inventory feature also has a fantastic tool that allows you to download your stash to a spreadsheet. For giggles one day, I did. And then I auto-summed my yardage totals column. And then I converted yards to miles. And then I divided that number by my average annual knitted mileage. And then I earnestly studied Google Maps for the fountain of youth, as I will need to knit at my current pace until I'm 700 in order to enjoy all of my yarns.

As much as I love my stash (rolling in it is fun!) I found myself actually kind of disappointed that I wasn't likely to get to enjoy it all (but for the rolling). As a yarn dyer/seller, I was further disappointed to think this condition is likely to be widespread and eating into my sales potential. And so, ever out to heal the world, I set out to create patterns with not only technique limitations in mind, but that would effortlessly help us all make the most of our (excessive) stashes and enjoy our yarns.

Addicted Two Ewe was born.
Addicted Two Ewe

Each of the patterns in this series uses two fingering weights held together. This is, of course, fully adaptable. Every pattern converts to use of a single strand of DK weight yarn without even blinking (two fingering = one DK), and with a little adjustment to needle size, every other weight in the world can be worked. Gauge on these patterns is not crucial, but mileage and size may vary.  It is ultimately about drape and your taste/style/preference. Each pattern is designed to offer a fun, easy to follow, and addictive experience, allowing you to zoom through a colorful, stash busting project. Make it your own by incorporating different combinations of yarn colors and textures. Have fun!
Still Addicted Two Ewe

Two of the designs, Addicted Two Ewe and Still Addicted Two Ewe, are currently out for test knitting and scheduled to release August 22nd. The third design, Wildly Addicted Two Ewe, is being tech edited now and I expect to get that out to test knitters very soon. The fourth design, Madly Addicted Two Ewe, is on my needles going through my initial work up. Where will this stop? I can't honestly say. I'm quite addicted to creating these, and I have an awful lot of fingering weight in my stash. I guess it ends when I cannot come up with anymore corny names.
Wildly Addicted Two Ewe

With all these new patterns and designs comes another hurdle: finding without any personal adaptations. (Yup, sorry folks. This is the one constraint.) Simply follow the instructions, line for line, and report back any issues you are having. Benefits include the thrill of being among first to knit it, the free pattern, and the opportunity to help the "expert". And I'm always looking for test knitters. I don't believe you can ever have too many people helping you.
people interested in test knitting. Test knitting is easy and fun. You receive a pattern that has been written, photographed, tech edited... is basically ready for public consumption, FREE. You knit it,

If test knitting sounds like your jam, contact me. I'd love to have you on board!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 40 - Corny Superhero Movie Sequels

Some discussion regarding my general gauge anxieties. Sam's back for a second episode to show off his finished object, talk about upcoming projects, show off his stash and new project bags. There is tool talk.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 39 - Guest Host

The episode in which my son joins me as co-host. Updates on the Addicted Two Ewe series of scarves, as well as on-going projects. Some general conversation/discussion on the teen male knitter perspective and experiences. Demo on recovering dropped stitches.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

As a special celebration of Independence Day, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all purchases of $35 or more to all United States destinations until July 31st. To take advantage of this offer, simply use Coupon Code: FREE2EWE in my Etsy shop!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 38 - All the things

Showing off all the things!!! My Tequila Sunrise sweater is done, as well as my scarf (but you saw that last week), and a new design Still Addicted Two Ewe. I had a correction to Dumbledore's Army hat. Pattern to be released next week. Call for test knitters for Addicted Two Ewe scarf. Email your interest. I also demonstrate my Scribble Dyeing yarn dyeing technique.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 37 - Back and On Track

General chatter this week about my life and knitting, progress updates on my projects, what movies/television I’ve been watching and a quick demonstration of inserting lifelines and discussing their uses.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 36 - Multiple Project Pitfalls

This week we review progress on all the projects: How to Eat an Elephant blanket, Addicted Two Ewe scarf, Dark Hero socks, Improvisational Triangular Shawl, and of course my stalled sweater.  My Dumbledore's Army hat and Order of the Phoenix hat patterns have gone out to test knitters and will be available approximately July 1st. I discuss a technique video I found on YouTube that was a huge help this week. I'm dyeing minis that will be in the shop very soon. I talk about how inspired I am by a commissioned piece I'm working on. And, if you hang on past the end you will see a time lapse of the view from my back patio.

Host: Jessica L'Heureux
Ravelry: jesseknits
Ravelry Group: Knit Up & Dye Podcast
Instagram: dyemonkeyyarns

Theme Music

Bob Log III - "Throw the Hammer Hard"

Used with permission - Thank You BOB!!!
Find Bob online at
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Featured projects:

Addicted Two Ewe - coming soon!
Thanks to Martha Lyons for her YouTube video
"Picking Up a Dropped Edge in Garter"
Found HERE:

How to Eat an Elephant Blanket
Formula/Notes on my Ravelry project page
Feel free to email me for notes if you don't do Ravelry.

Improvised Triangle Shawl with Garter Tab Cast On
Join me on Instagram @dyemonkeyyarns and tag your project with #kuad_improvshawl

Love you all! And, I'll see you next week.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 35 - Never too hot to cast on!

General discussion about what I've accomplished with my knitting this week, show off an upcoming pattern, discuss acid dyes and a full demonstration of garter tab cast on for triangular shawl. Come improvise a shawl with me! (Directions below.)

Theme Music
Bob Log III - "Throw the Hammer Hard"
Used with permission - Thank You BOB!!!
Find Bob online at
Buy his stuff, go to his shows, ROCK ON!

Featured projects:

How to Eat an Elephant Blanket
Formula/Notes on my Ravelry project page
Feel free to email me for notes if you don't do Ravelry.

Improvised Triangle Shawl with Garter Tab Cast On:

With Needle one to two sizes bigger than your yarn usually recommendes, cast on 3 stitches.
Working in Garter Stitch (knitting every row), work 6 Rows.
Turn tab 90 degrees and pick up 1 stitch in each of the three garter ridges.
Turn tab 90 degrees and pick up 3 stitches along cast on edge.
You should have 9 stitches on your needle.
Turn work, K3, Place Marker P2, Place Marker, P1, Place Marker K3. This was a wrong side row.

From this point forward, here are the rules:
On a right side row, K3, Slip Marker, Increase (yo), work to next Marker any way you want, Increase (yo), Slip Marker,
K1 (this is your center stitch), Increase (yo), work to next Marker any way you want, Increase (yo), Slip Marker, K3

On a wrong side row, K3, slip marker, work to 1 stitch before next Marker any way you want, P1, Slip Marker,
work to next Marker any way you want, Slip Marker, K3

Change colors, change patterns (always keeping the first and Last 3 stitches as Knits) and have fun.

Join me on Instagram @dyemonkeyyarns and tag your project with #kuad_improvshawl

These are vendors you want to do business with:

Love you all! Sheep know nothing... It's never to hot to knit!
And, I'll see you next week.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 34 - So Many Things Going On

Short and sweet episode talking about what I did, what I didn't do, what I'm going to do, and who won what.

Theme Music
Bob Log III - "Throw the Hammer Hard"
Used with permission - Thank You BOB!!!
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Special thanks to Donna @ Knitting with Attitude for her generous giveaway prize donation.

We have a winner! @doghairandyarn

Featured projects:

Curiosity by Barbara Benson
Available on Ravelry

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Recommended Podcasts (on YouTube):
Sweet Tea, No Shade - Listed under Scott A

What podcasts should I be watching?
Tell me about yours or your favorites!

Love you all! You are all winners in my book!
And, I'll see you next week.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 33 - Making Progress Where You Can

A project got put into time out for corrective action. What's a girl to do but start not one, but two more projects in the meantime.

Come take a first look at a new design, check out a new project, listen to my quick review on my new needles, join the podcast only giveaway and make some progress off your own where you can.

Knit Up & Dye

Host: Jessica L'Heureux

Ravelry: jesseknits
Ravelry Group: Knit Up & Dye Podcast
Instagram: dyemonkeyyarns

Theme Music
Bob Log III - "Throw the Hammer Hard"
Used with permission - Thank You BOB!!!
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Special thanks to Donna @ Knitting with Attitude
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Don't forget the podcast ONLY giveaway!
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Featured projects:
How to Eat An Elephant blanket
See my project page on Ravelry for details and formula.

Curiosity by Barbara Benson
Available on Ravelry

Addicted Two Ewe
It's coming.... Stay tuned and watch this design develop.

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Sweet Tea, No Shade
Uncreative Crafter
My Two Tips

What podcasts should I be watching? Tell me about yours!

Go, have a great week, and make progress somewhere!
Love You!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Messages from the Universe

"If you only knew how many miracles you've already performed, Jessica, nothing would ever again overwhelm you, frighten you, or seem impossible.

    The Universe"

Do you get these? The Universe emails me five days a week, encouraging me to look differently at my situation, life and goals. I love it. The messages are inspiring. The Universe has been talking to me for years now, probably close to fifteen (if you can imagine!).

You too can correspond with The Universe.

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ® 
© ®  

Click on "SIGN UP FOR THE NOTES" on the top right. You'll be glad you did.

(I'm not sponsored, nor was I requested to post this. I post about things I love and wish to share with you, because I think you'll love them too.)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 32 - Stop and GO!

Theme Music
Bob Log III - “Throw the Hammer Hard”
Used with permission - Thank You BOB!!!
Find Bob online at
Buy his stuff, go to his shows, ROCK ON!
Special thanks to Donna @ Knitting with Attitude
for her generous giveaway prize donation.
Go To INSTAGRAM to enter for your chance to win this
prize package worth over $110.00
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Featured projects:
How to Eat An Elephant
These are vendors you want to do business with:
Podcasts you want to watch:
Uncreative Crafter
My Two Tips
What podcasts should I be watching? Tell me about yours!
Feel free to email me your questions!
And finally…
Don’t forget the sale!
Coupon Code MADNESS35 will get you 35% off any
purchase until May 31st at
Love you all! GO FOR IT!
And, I’ll see you next week.

What makes you dream?

Image result for HAL
"Will I dream?"
"Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. No one knows why."
Arthur C. Clarke: 2010 - Odyssey Two

I began podcasting on a whim just over 6 months ago, with no idea what a journey of self discovery it would become. It was something I had wanted to do, but really didn't have a cohesive concept for. I knew that I wanted to share my love of knitting and dyeing, the projects I was working on, and techniques that would be helpful to the knitters and dyers I met along the way.  I watched a lot of podcasts and paid attention to what engaged me, and sorted out the things I didn't want to include in my own. Then I jumped in.

My podcast has evolved a lot from that first pilot episode. I've refined the "look" of my podcast over time from still photos of yarn and a variety of title presentations to a professionally recorded theme song and opening title sequence that I can consistently use in all future episodes, making my brand more recognizable, as well as, changing my location slightly to a more visually interesting setup. I've added more elements, and take more time to share my thoughts on a number of related topics, and even started offering a number of giveaways.

Throughout this process, I've been very fortunate to have viewers contact me with requests for help with techniques which I've been able to demonstrate. I've also found a supportive following that volunteers to test knit my designs and helps me keep on task with my longer-term projects. This has fulfilled a void in my life. My LYS closed a couple of years back, and I've not been able to find a "knit-click" in my area to join, nor a venue to continue to teach knitting and dyeing at. My knitting community has become entirely digital, and I'm very grateful to have the technology to make this a reality. Often, especially when I'm talking about sensitive topics or I'm feeling vulnerable, I reference that I've got nothing to be nervous about because I'm having a private conversation with a close friend (you the viewer). I truly believe that. The relationships I have developed and friends I have made over the past 6 months mean a lot to me, and when I'm making topic notes pre-filming, I'm often mindful of the interactions I've had, and how to honor the private relationship I've developed while sharing with the collective the points of interest and giving the group expansive opportunities.

This being said, a digital existence can be a lonely one, and a girl can never have to many friends. If you're taking the time to read this post, and have never reached out to me before, please, just say hi. If you knit, or dye, or play with yarn in any way, we have something in common and I like you already. I make a sincere effort to respond to EVERYONE. There is no exclusive inner circle or private group. Feel free to correct me when I make mistakes so that I don't continue to look the fool. Ask me questions - I never expose your personal information without your permission. Or simply share something you are proud of - I did some sewing yesterday that came out exceptionally well and my dogs are non-plussed, but you might have an appreciation for how many times I had to rip out stitches without giving up.

I enjoy creating my podcast and look forward to it each week. I have a lot of other ideas for things I'd like to do in the future, building on the basics I've already shown, but am always open to new ideas. I like that my podcast can be reactive to the needs and wishes of my viewers, and I've angled it in such a way that every episode is a little different. There is no set formula or routine. I have certain things that I try to be relatively consistent about, such as discussing new acquisitions as they occur and progress on projects I've shared, but outside of that, my podcast is a representation of viewer response and personal whims, like a box of chocolates and hopefully providing delightful surprises.

Beyond the experience of creating and hosting my podcast, I've enjoyed a journey of self discovery. This is an unexpected benefit.

I've learned a lot about how my brain works. There have been episodes where I thought I was speaking so fast that I might be incoherent or appeared out of breathe. I wasn't, it was just my inner excitement mixing with anxiety, and I've learned not to be fearful of it.

I've learned I still love to teach, and still have something to offer the world. I've learned you can teach an old dog new tricks and conversely, that new dogs sometimes come with fancy new tricks of their own you can learn.

I've learned to be kinder to myself. There were times where I presented things and felt like I could have offered more or been more detailed. This happens when I present things on a whim and don't prepare. I know I can do better, but instead of beating myself up, I try to see it as a topic I can expand on later and spend more time developing my filming plan before turning on the camera.

And I've learned about emotions. Emotions are scary. It is hard to have the courage to make yourself openly vulnerable. Not everyone has the bravado to brazenly turn the camera on themselves and them publish to the planet. I certainly don't. It get's easier as you go along and become more comfortable with it, but it takes time and courage. I'm interested in learning more about vulnerability and courage. There is a lot of hate in this world, and a lot of people comfortable with being blunt, mean and worse with the pretense of anonymity the internet provides. (Please see my previous post: Privacy Alert.) It is easy to let these voices in, allowing them to color your perception of self. It takes strength and energy to overcome negativity. And support.

Support; I've had the wonderful pleasure of learning about support. I have a fantastical vision of all fiber enthusiasts crafting a giant emotional support net/wrapping blanket/enveloping sweater that refuses to be exclusive. I've met wonderful loving souls on this journey, from all walks, who reached out and offered encouragement, strength, love, guidance and support - selflessly. Thank you. You are each an example: Do unto others as you would they unto you. Return in kind. Pay it forward. Each of these a pillar in my creed that I rarely found reflected in the public, yet brought into vibrant fibery color by you.

Support is a self-feeding machine, a living cycle - if you reciprocate.  There are support situations that can be sapping, especially if one gives without receiving, but when you find even the tiniest way to give back the support you've received, or pay it forward, we ALL become stronger, better and more unified. Blessings to the fiber community for teaching us all how woven together we really are.

And finally, I've learned this makes me dream. My fiber Utopian vision of unity feeds the dreamer in me. I dream of the day I announce my 100th episode. I dream of new things to share, enhancements, more enriched community interaction, meeting viewers, guest hosts, off-location filming in your shops... I dream and I dare to do more.

Have you discovered what makes you dream?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Privacy Alert!

Okay folks, we all know that privacy is an illusion in the technical age, but are you aware that there is a free website out there that allows you to look up anyone and get current and past addresses, phone numbers, as well as a list of all relatives and associates? NOT COOL.

The website is - go, check it out, but be prepared to feel violated.

Then, do this: REMOVE ME! You don't have to be exposed. You don't have to be at risk. This is a violation of your privacy, and a great tool for anyone looking to steal identities.

Believe it - I'm no longer on it. Neither is most of my family. Searches indicate that minors are not listed.

PSA complete. Soap box vacated. Thank you for your time and attention.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 31 - Party On!

Continuing the anniversary celebration with my sale and giveaways. Be sure to follow dyemonkeyyarns on Instagram for up to the minute opportunities. Talk about the blanket, the sweater stall, a new project on the needles, new needles and gifts! Woohoo!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 30 - Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Dye Monkey Yarns, I’m having a month long sale. Please enjoy 35% off your purchases with coupon code: MADNESS35 until May 31st.

Episode includes demonstration of mock cable stitch. I show off new colorways available in this weekends shop update and also show off the yarn glazing project from 2 weeks ago (sorry, I forgot last week) and my knitting progress. Discussion on ease.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 29 - Rookie Mistakes & Wrong vs Different

Extra long episode in which I show off one studio acquisition, talk about my design mistake and variances in yarns, discuss gauge, show off my sweater progress and offer quick tutorials on purling, yarn overs and demonstrate how wrapping yarn in the opposite direction when purling creates a twisted stitch. Two new hat designs are shown. I also dive into the mail bag and answer a viewer's questions.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 28 - Fresh Starts

Wow! We ran all over the place today and covered a bunch of techniques:

Glazing (Yarn Dyeing)

Knitted Cast On
Cable Cast On
Long Tail Cast On (Two Methods)
I-Cord Bind Off

Looking for more cast ons and bind offs?
Check out:
Cast On Bind Off - 54 Step by Step Methods By Leslie Ann Bestor

Thank you so much for joining me!
Have a great week and Happy Crafting!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 27 - Begin Again

A week in review; I’ve got a new hat design in the works that is suffering a redo. Still working on my sweater, although not getting as much done as quickly as I’d like. Clown sock #2 is on the 9”circular and I’m re-experiencing working with the mini circular, looking more closely as the pros and cons through the project. I have some studio enhancements include a new sock ruler and a custom made project bag that I’m simply in love with. Also, demonstrated a isolation dye technique I’m experimenting with. The resulting yarn is headed out to David at DogDare podcast for his #DogDareBatesMotelMAL - be sure to check that out for your opportunity to name and win this yarn.
Featured Etsy Sellers:
Featured Podcasts: 
(All on YouTube - All have Ravelry groups)
“One Liners Giveaway” winner was drawn on Episode 26 
Was it you? Contact me with your address and I’ll ship out your prize.
Code: PODCAST25 will get you 25% off your order 
from Dye Monkey Yarns until April 16th!
Love you all! 
Remember, when things don’t work out, try, try again. 
It’s only sticks and string! 
See you next time!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 26 - The Pick-Up Artist

I've been busy picking up new products, techniques and stitches... so here includes some product reviews, a teaser about a dye technique I'm trying, lots of double knitting discussion and more on the sweater saga and picking up stitches around the armhole. Giveaway winner is drawn and announced (ha! thought you could cheat by reading this!) and there are lots of cool links to shops. Also, don't forget, PODCAST25 sale is ongoing until April 16th - get 25% off your order at

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Where does inspiration come from? Sometimes, irritation.

Where does inspiration come from? That is one of the most commonly asked questions of anyone producing craft or art. And the answer is almost always some version of "everywhere". This past week, my inspiration came from someone else's art... in an unlikely form... and advertisement jingle. But not just any jingle. Nope. A nagging, torture-some earworm of a jingle.

Do you remember? (If you are like me and catch earworms easily, you may want to stop here.) It was 1988 and California was apparently overrun with Blue's singing raisins. The California Raisin Advisory Board (yes, this exists) paid Buddy Miles to sing Marvin Gaye's classic "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" to help save California from its apparent raisin crisis and drive America's millions to munch away on this dehydrated delight.  This campaign was so successful, it launched these cartoon depictions to such vaulted heights as to make cartoons and even movies.

In my house, we are Roku watchers. We enjoy the myriad of free B-Movie streaming channels Roku affords us. Recently, one of these channels managed to get a hold of one of these classic raisin ads. (Insert tortured B-Movie actress scream here.)  

Three days. That freaking song was stuck in my head three whole days. I seriously though I was going to need to be medicated.

But good did come from it. With raisins on the brain, I created a new colorway. "Raisin the Bar" is available for your own fruity enjoyment now in my Etsy shop, with more on the drying rack just waiting to be listed.

Just don't tell me you "heard it through the grapevine".

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 25 - Give me strength

The weather and my sweater are taxing me...

Intention Knitting KAL socks are officially done, Tequila Sunrise sweater armhole pickup is vexing me, Phoenix Tears socks are almost done, Clown Socks are being working on a 9" circular needle (new technique to me!) and the One Liners Giveaway is coming up next weekend, so enter and be sure to tell all your friends as the prize gets bigger the more people enter.

Also, Happy Easter! Coupon Code PODCAST25 will get you 25% off any Dye Monkey Yarns purchase now until April 16, 2107.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Knit Up & Dye Episode 24 - Caffeinated Squirrel

Yup. I had coffee, so this is an experience. I talk about knitting wins for the week, disappointments (there is a rant), suggest podcasts I'm loving, show off my progress, show off my dyeing, and demonstrate three methods of joining yarns. Come along for the ride. Also, there is a giveaway! Enter! Drawing April 1, 2017
Featured Etsy Sellers: 
(they made my stitchmarkers!)
Featured Podcasts: 
(All on YouTube - All have Ravelry groups)
Head over to the Knit Up & Dye Group on Ravelry and enter in the ”One Liners Giveaway” thread
This is open internationally - One entry per person. 
Please read post #1 for all details.

New Pattern Available: Rachel's Socks

Don’t under estimate her. Just don’t. She is so much more than you think. And if you give her a chance, she will exceed all your expectations by far. Nothing can hold her back; don’t even try. Like the women before her, she is a force of nature.  

Finished Measurement:
The directions are given for a woman’s sock worked cuff down.  Foot length is adjustable.  Leg and foot circumferences (stretched): 8 (11) inches.

Yarn Requirements: 
Necessary yardage will vary with foot length.
Approximately 330 - 367 yards were required for 10 ½” foot lengths in testing over several different yarns.

Shown in Wisdom Yarns
Saki Bamboo Solids
(230 yards per 50 grams, 50% Superwash Merino, 25% Rayon made from Bamboo, 25% nylon, color: Violet).

Recommended Needles: 
Size 2 (2.75mm) Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) or size required to get gauge.

Directions are given using 4 DPNs.  Pattern can easily be worked with two circulars or via Magic Loop Method.

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.  Stitch markers may be helpful.

Approximately 32 sts = 4” (10 cm) in stockinette in the round

Pattern is BOTH charted and written for your convenience.

Purchase for $3.50 USD from Ravelry HERE or

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Episode 23 - Get the Fuzz Out!

I'm under the weather, but that's not stopping me (completely). I show off my progress on my Phoenix Tears socks, Good Vibrations socks and Laurie sweater and demonstrate use of the Gleener de-fuzzing a sweater.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Episode 22 - Knitting to Heal

In which I show off my Intention Knitting KAL progress, Laurie sweater progress and finished Reyna shawl. You get to take a look at my recent purchase from KnitMona as well as one of my new Sweater Quantity offerings “Sand Dollar”. I also discuss the reasons why some of us knit and how knitting can contribute to and even be therapy, in addition to all its other benefits. EMDR therapy is discussed.
Featured Yarns:
“Route 66” colorway on Twisted Mona
400 yards/100g 80% SW Merino / 20% Nylon - 2 ply
by KnitMona on Etsy at
“Sand Dollar” Colorway on Boogie-Woogie Monkey
250 yards/115g 100% SW Fine Merino
by Dye Monkey Yarns on Etsy at
Featured Patterns:
Laurie Sweater
Renya Shawl
Good Vibrations Socks
Featured Book:
EMDR - Eye Movement Densensitization & Reprocessing
The Breakthrough “Eye Movement” Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety,Stress, and Trauma
Francine Shapiro, PhD., & Margot Silk Forrest

Monday, February 27, 2017

Episode 21 - I'm Back!

Featured/Recommended Publications (Links goto groups):
  • Taproot Magazine
  • Maine Knits - Beatrice Perron Dahlem
  • Extreme Double Knitting - Alasdair Post-Quinn
  • The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters - Ann Budd
Recommended Podcasts:
I’m open to suggestions! 
Do you podcast? 
Contact me at 
so that I may become addicted to you too!
Love you all! See you next week. 
Happy knitting & dyeing!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 20 - Winners All Around

Just a short episode in which I announce "The Sweater" is completed! Wooohooo!  And winners for the Travel Knitting Giveaway are announced. And the Intention Knitting KAL kicks off today. And I got some progress done on an ancient sock project. Come celebrate with me.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 19 - Shop Talk

In this episode I talk about my yarn dyeing and how I create and document my formulas/recipes. I review a number of books with dyeing techniques. Includes reminders about the upcoming Intention Knitting KAL as well as the Travel Knitting Giveaway. Also, a general notice about discontinuing my lace line and bringing on a DK weight yarn base, as well as information about placing custom orders - always welcome! And would you check out the progress on my sweater - woo hoo!
Good to Know:
Intention Knitting KAL casts on Feb 12th 
Join us in the podcast group for an online chat. 
Some kits still available - order now!
Travel Knitting Giveaway: 
Available to international entries - enter in the 
podcast group before Feb 10th to win. 
Winners announced in NEXT EPISODE!
Special thanks to Donna of 
for questions regarding dyeing! 
Be sure to check her out!!
Featured/Recommended Publications:
Dyeing to Spin & Knit - Felicia Lo 
The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook - Lynne Vogel 
Yarns to Dye For - Kathleen Taylor 
The Knitter’s Guide to Hand-Dyed and Variegated Yarn - Lorna Miser 
The New Dyer - Sally Vinroot & Jennie Crowder 
The Knitter’s Palette - Kate Haxell 
Hand-dyed Yarn Craft Projects - Debbie Tomkies
Love you all! See you next week. 
Happy knitting & dyeing!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Travel Knitting Giveaway!

I’m going on a road trip and I want to take a knitting project along. I thought it would be fun to have YOU select the project for me… and there are PRIZES!

Here are my stipulations:

  • Keep in mind, I’m traveling in a car.
  • Please no straight stockinette - I’d like the pattern to have a little interest.
  • Please no crazy multi-page charts - simple charts are great.
  • Please nothing bigger than worsted or finer than fingering.
  • Ultimately I would prefer not to work in the round; it’s difficult on me in the car (insert green sad face).
  • Pattern can be free or pay to play, but must be knitting.

To ENTER, please comment in my Ravelry group thread with your suggestion with a link to the pattern (if possible) AND tell me which item from my shop would be your ideal prize..

If I choose your suggestion - YOU WIN! 
I will ship you any one item from my Etsy shop - your choice!

If I don’t choose your suggestion… You still might WIN!
I’ll be randomly selecting from the suggestions that meet the stipulations above and I will ship you any one item from my Etsy shop - your choice!


  • Enter as often as you like, but please only one item per post - random drawing will be post based so multiple posts get you more entries 
  • Entries MUST be made in my Ravelry group thread - (it's FREE to join Ravelry if you haven't already.)
  • Entries must be received by Friday February 10th - Winners will be announced in the podcast filmed that weekend.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 18 - Progress, Regress and Blocking

Managed to get some knitting done this week, as well as some pretty serious tinking. As promised, I’ve got a full blocking demonstration for you in this episode.
Be sure to check out my Travel Knitting Giveaway thread for your chance to win any one item from my Etsy shop - your choice!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 17 - Community & Harmony

This weeks podcast includes: a discussion about communities, preview of the “Good Vibrations” sock pattern for the upcoming Intention Knitting KAL, some questions answered about how I got started and products I use, and then a full demonstration of an oven based dyeing technique.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 16 - Intentions

In this episode, I show off my progress on the Curiosity scarf by Barbara Benson and talk about how a friend is doing it differently (and how I wish I had too), discuss how I'm advancing with my improvised curse breaking sweater, and show off five new colorways exclusive to the Intention Knitting KAL kits - which are available for presale now in my Etsy shop.

Be sure to visit Chain344's podcast on YouTube.

Intention Knitting KAL

Left to Right: Harmony, Empowerment, Success, Achievement, Sanctuary

Pre-order is now open for the Intention Knitting KAL kits. Choose the colorway that speaks to you!

Your kit will include one skein of Tap Monkey (75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon 100g/463 yards) in your chosen colorway and a digital copy of "Good Vibrations" sock pattern - $28 USD, plus shipping.

Kits will ship February 6, 2017 with KAL to begin February 12, 2017.

The Intention Knitting KAL is a project of meditative gratitude knitting. The sock pattern is a simple slip stitch textured sock in multiple sizes designed to make the most of your variegated yarn while providing you an opportunity to focus on key words, emotions, and thoughts of gratitude. By simply choosing a mantra, feeling or memory that resonates with your desired happiness and bringing it to the forefront of your thoughts while working on your project, you will infuse this positivity into your project, making it a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one.

Which colorway resonates with you? What energies do you want to knit into your socks?

Harmony features tones of silver, white and pink to encourage a stronger connection with the self, quieting the mind and encouraging love of oneself.

Empowerment is comprised of tonal variants of vibrant reds and plum purple calling for respect, building passion and directing your personal power into focus.

Success glows with warm marigold tones of rich gold and warm orange tones enriching your sense of security, enacting motivation and setting prosperity into motion.

Achievement boldly blends rich mossy greens with iris blues organizing the mind, structuring thoughts and building ambitions towards your goals.

Sanctuary soothes the soul with silver strands of privacy, peaceful soft blues, and protective black boundaries creating your own personal mental safehouse.

Join us on Ravelry to discuss and share!
Knit Up & Dye Podcast Group
Intention KAL Thread