Sunday, June 11, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 36 - Multiple Project Pitfalls

This week we review progress on all the projects: How to Eat an Elephant blanket, Addicted Two Ewe scarf, Dark Hero socks, Improvisational Triangular Shawl, and of course my stalled sweater.  My Dumbledore's Army hat and Order of the Phoenix hat patterns have gone out to test knitters and will be available approximately July 1st. I discuss a technique video I found on YouTube that was a huge help this week. I'm dyeing minis that will be in the shop very soon. I talk about how inspired I am by a commissioned piece I'm working on. And, if you hang on past the end you will see a time lapse of the view from my back patio.

Host: Jessica L'Heureux
Ravelry: jesseknits
Ravelry Group: Knit Up & Dye Podcast
Instagram: dyemonkeyyarns

Theme Music

Bob Log III - "Throw the Hammer Hard"

Used with permission - Thank You BOB!!!
Find Bob online at
Buy his stuff, go to his shows, ROCK ON!

Featured projects:

Addicted Two Ewe - coming soon!
Thanks to Martha Lyons for her YouTube video
"Picking Up a Dropped Edge in Garter"
Found HERE:

How to Eat an Elephant Blanket
Formula/Notes on my Ravelry project page
Feel free to email me for notes if you don't do Ravelry.

Improvised Triangle Shawl with Garter Tab Cast On
Join me on Instagram @dyemonkeyyarns and tag your project with #kuad_improvshawl

Love you all! And, I'll see you next week.

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