Saturday, November 5, 2011

Necessity Knitting - 6 Hour Halloween Hat

My husband and I visited home recently, just in time for the freak Halloween 2011 Nor'easter.  Neither of us was prepared for this weather.  Out of sheer coincidence, I'd brought a scarf knitting project with me.  John however, was without woolly warmth accessories.  Of course, there was yarn shopping on my trip, and I found some lovely Rowan DK Tweed on an exceptional sale, days before the storm, which my brother-in-law assured us would turn out to be nothing.  I bought two skeins... tempted by the price/value.  Little did I know to what value it would appreciate.

Halloween we were to accompany the niece and nephews trick-or-treating, and thusly, I cast on a hat for John that morning.  Six short well entertained hours later, John was warmer and envied.

Lesson learned... buy sale yarn when you see it.  You never know how quickly it will become useful.

During our trip, I also purchased 2 skeins of Happy Feet, destined for socks, and 2 skeins of local hand spun & dyed wool that was simply too beautiful to resist.  I'm slightly annoyed that the hand spun & dyed label offers a weight, but not yardage, so I'll have to measure it when I ball it.  It's very difficult to select a fitting project without yardage measurement :(

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  1. You need to let that go. It was nothing.