Sunday, November 13, 2011

Upcoming Pattern: "Rhoda"

I recently taught my "Gracie" hat pattern to a lovely group of women here in Albuquerque (Thank you Ladies - I enjoyed my time with each of you!), and one of the women asked me if I could find a scarf pattern for her that would compliment "Gracie".  I searched.  I went through the several thousand Raverly patterns and even jumped over to Pattern Fish to see if there was anything there, but nothing really offered the same design elements or tied into the "feel" of the "Gracie" hat.  So, I'm proud to announce, I'm creating "Rhoda" in honor of the requester!

"Rhoda" features the cables, gooseberry stitch and lace of "Gracie" but in a slightly less intense, scarf format.  This pattern is in the final testing stages now.  Be on the look-out for it's release in the very near future!

Rhoda, thank you for the inspiration.  I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to design this for you!

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