Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Diabolical! Scintillating! The Reviews Are In!

My "Learn Cables & Bobbles" class has begun and I'm getting some really interested reviews thus far.

The first lesson covers gauge rather intensely (is there any other way?) to really give students an understanding of when to respect gauge and how to understand its impact.  Yes, there is MATH.  Yes, I make you KNIT.  I won't tell you any more than that (take my class) but I will tell you one student called me "diabolical".  I'm proud of that.

I LOVE teaching.  Nothing thrills me more than seeing the Ah ha! moment happen for my students.  Because I love it, and I want this to be exciting and fun (you are paying to learn a skill that you will utilize as personal entertainment - it should be fun!) I have a tendency to be flamboyant and exuberant and silly.  It is a performance, teaching is a performance.  That's probably why another student told me I am a "very scintillating teacher". Take one of my classes and see.

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