Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Colorway Chronicles: September Drive

I like to play with applying multiple dyes to yarns in order to get unique results. In this case, I was specifically looking to create a very autumnal look that paid homage to the canopies of colors I'd driven under back east each fall. (If you haven't experienced the changing of leaves, put it on your bucket list - it's one of natures most impressive shows of color."

For this colorway, I made use of my scribble technique. Aiming to get dashes of color with random placement I used three of my favorite leafy fall colors: a deep red, a warm gold and a burnt orange. Then, as a final step once all of the yarn had been scribble dyed and set, I went back with a dusky green, just to apply a few "leaves" that hadn't changed yet and really reign in the "flame" look to a more seasonal display of color. Sadly, I don't have a photo of this yarn caked up to show you the final effect, just the "as dyed in skein" photo which shows the colors much more grouped than the final project would reflect. But is is gorgeous and exactly what I was aiming for.

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