Monday, June 11, 2018

Colorway Chronicles: Partying with Pagans & Swirl Girl

Last fall I was working up colorways specifically with an autumn slant for Unwound Artisan Yarns in La Crosse, WI, who very kindly retails my yarns (Thank you! I love you guys!!!) and I thought a Halloween inspired colorway would be a lot of fun. Hence was born "Partying with Pagans" which features purples, greens and oranges on a white base. Colors ripped right out of "Hocus Pocus" (1993, features Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker amongst others - an amusing watch.)

Little did I know what magic I'd conjured.

Not long after this came out of the cauldron and flew north to its new home, I had the pleasure of visiting the shop myself and got to meet Terri. Terri is a wonder of talent and drive, with a personality as addictive as her generosity is bountiful. Terri spoke of her love of "Partying with Pagans" and showed me a picture of a guitar she had owned that had the wildest paint job - very similar to the yarn - with all these colors swirled together... but no white. Well! If that wasn't inspiration enough to create "Partying with Pagans'" dark cousin "Swirl Girl" (named for Terri, of course) than I don't now what is!

"Swirl Girl" features all the same spellwork as "Partying with Pagans" with the minor exception that dark magic is at play... a little rock and roll, if you will, and instead of white, there is black. It can be obtained Exclusively through Unwound. Don't live in the area? Contact them. They won't mind filling your custom order by phone, I promise.

And, don't forget to tell Terri how much you love the yarn she inspired. ;)

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