Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ramping Up for the Anniversary

Dye Monkey Yarns officially opened April 30, 2015, but celebrating for just one day is nowhere near as much fun as celebrating the first anniversary for the entire month of May!

It has been an exciting year. I've dyed hundreds of skeins of yarn in over 50 different colorways. I've done in-home trunk shows for some wonderful hostesses and a couple of craft fairs. I've met hundreds of wonderful crafters. I've fulfilled a number of custom orders and shipped yarn to four different countries. I've expanded my product offerings to include different bases. And I've had lots of fun.

Custom Dye Monkey Markers
Thank You Jillian of WeeOnes
So what will the month long celebration include? Yarn of course. New yarn. I'm bringing in a couple of new bases for you to play with. And, new colors. Lots of new colors.

What else? Sale prices and giveaways!

Giveaways will include books, yarns, and custom stitch markers featuring the dye monkey!

Keep an eye out for announcements here, there and everywhere beginning Saturday April 30th.

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