Saturday, April 16, 2016

Another Podcast Worthy of the Dye Monkey Yarns Stamp of Approval

Out of the blue I got an earburn through Ravelry linking me back to My Two Tips Ravelry Podcast Group show notes for Episode 6. Curious, I grabbed a mug of tea and settled in to watch.

Much to my delight Elise is a natural. Her honesty, energy and personality glow on the screen. she shares her current, past and future projects, shows off stash, discusses her actual knitting experiences, fears, triumphs, and answers viewer questions. I loved every minute of her podcast (especially when she was plotting to knit my Double Agent sock pattern!) and immediately added her to my subscriptions. This is a genuinely interesting woman - the kind of girl you'd go to lunch with and end up having dinner with because you became so engaged that time became meaningless.

Please check out her Ravelry Group and YouTube Channel.

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