Saturday, April 9, 2016

More Summer Inspired Colors

I've been business fantasizing about summer and dyeing yarns to match.  Here are a couple of the new colorways. Remember... when summer is gone, so are they, so get them while it's hot!

Dunegrass available on Etsy
Dunegrass on Twist Monkey

It's like a thousand degrees. Home is hot, the car is hot, it's hot in traffic... ick! Great day for the beach.  You pack all the essentials, sweat your way to the shore, park a million miles from the beach, but have a sense of hope because you can smell the salt air, and start the hike, laden down with sunblock and beach chairs and coolers... and then... dunegrass.

Fresh salt air, yellow-green and sage blades blowing in the ocean breeze, creamy white sands, all of the shore's romance in one last hill before the beach.  I've captured it here, on a silk blend. Imagine the shawl.

Twist Monkey - 70% Superwash Merino/30% Silk 100g/438 yards
This is a high-twist single with a gorgeous sheen and light halo.
This yarn is very fancy - the perfect choice for formal wear, heirlooms, weddings, etc.

Sandcastles available on Etsy
Sandcastles on Jig Monkey

Do you remember bright sun above you, cold ocean next to you, wet sand under you and buckets, shells, seaweed, sticks, stones all around you as you built your fantasy masterpiece? Maybe it was a mermaid's castle. Maybe it was your castle. Maybe you were the mermaid. You built it tall and wide, decorated it with your findings and dug out a moat when the tide started to come in. The only interruption was the constant reapplication of sunblock. The only threat was the tide... or your little brother.

Sandcastles celebrates these summer memories with deep ocean blues, puffy cloud whites, and numerous shades of shell and sand (both wet and dry tones) in a cohesive collection.

Set of Six Jig Monkey Mini Skeins: 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon 20g/93 yards/mini skein
Soft, elastic and durable; a gorgeous sock yarn. Hand Wash ~ Air Dry

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