Saturday, March 12, 2016

Creativity Stinks!

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The smell of boiled wool and vinegar permeates my house. It is the smell of joy and creativity. It is the smell of a dyeing day.

My husband hates this smell. He understands and encourages my dyeing - he knows it is part of the process. It is truly just the smell that gets to him. He often goes out and works in the garage when I'm dyeing to escape it, but only after closing the doors to all other rooms, throwing open windows and setting all the fans in the house to high.

The irony is I hate foods that contain vinegar (pickles being the one and only exception), and he loves vinegar. Add wool, and the tables turn. Yes, I know I could use citric acid and avoid the smell altogether... but I like it.

It's okay. I'm not particularly fond of the smell of exhaust and two-stroke oil and it is a great excuse for him to go do the things he love.

What does your creativity smell like?

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