Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mini Madness

Boardwalk - Set of 6 mini skeins
available at Dye Monkey Yarns on Etsy.
I completely understand the madness for mini skeins. They are cute, adorable even. I have the need to collect them ALL. It's like having a taste of everything on the dessert tray and still staying true to a diet. There is pleasure in owning ALL the colors.

But then, I get stuck.

I have them. Now what?

Yes, endless hours of petting and admiration, playfully stacking them with each other have been spent, but I want something more. I want the "perfect project" to highlight my hoard.

And so I search.

I've spent hours on Ravelry and Pinterest combing through knit projects and patterns looking for "the" project. I've favorited and pinned.

Why not just jump in? Why not simply add a stripe? I'm sure you think I'm foolish. Sure, I could do this. It's that I have a fear of the colors looking like a jumbled mess.  I also have a serious case of "not good enough for this yarn".  I'm sure you've been there at least once before. It's that overwhelming feeling that the project is somehow less than the yarn deserves.

Do you have a favorite mini skein project? What pattern would you recommend?

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