Sunday, May 3, 2015

Busy Day

My day started with coffee and progressed quickly to cleaning the chicken coop, followed by a nice hot shower.  With chores done, my husband took off on his motorcycle for a day-long adventure and I went to work.

I made the most of today and boy was I busy!

I have six new colorways dyed up and ready for photography. With a little luck the light will be good tomorrow morning and I can get that done before heading out to my "real job". Dyeing can be a lot of work, but it's fun work.  I tinkered around with a new technique today and I really like the results. I'm hoping you will too.

I've got several orders packaged up and ready to go out in the morning as well. So far, the post office has been very quick and orders have been delivered to customers in less time than expected. Tomorrow I'll be sending out my first international order to BC, Canada.  I'm curious to see how quickly that package travels.

I set up a separate group on Ravelry specifically for Dye Monkey Yarns. Originally I had DMY as part of my Jessica L'Heureux Designs group, but it was causing difficulty for advertisers. Now, with two separate groups, Yarnies can advertise in my pattern group, and Designers can advertise in my yarn group. More exposure for everyone.

All this and I had time to bake up a new paleo recipe: butterscotch cupcakes.  They are amazing.

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