Tuesday, May 5, 2015

If wishes were fishes, there'd be pictures

We accidentally discovered, a few years back now, that the best time to take photos of either my designs or products is first thing in the morning in the front garden. There is plenty of true daylight ambient light without it being too direct, and we get the most accurate color depictions.

Trick to that is, it can't be raining.

It's been raining. A lot. A crazy lot for New Mexico. We suspect "they" are trying to rain-seed for California and failing, and it's drifting out here instead.

Now mind you, I LOVE the rain. I'm a grinning fool when it's raining in the desert. But, I don't like the rain when I have mounds of yarns waiting for photography so that I can impress you with my latest colorways.

Yes, I tried other lighting and venues. I'm just not satisfied. So, it will have to wait. The upside is the next update will be a big one.

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