Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reviews are in... Cotton Carry-All a Success!

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Ravelry user jolbrooks recently completed my Cotton Carry-All pattern and posted her results along with some comments.

"This was a free pattern available here on Ravelry. I made this smaller because I only had 1 skein of the ombre in my stash and didn’t want to do a color change while knitting the mesh pattern. It was a fun and easy project and I found the directions very easy to follow. Another plus was that the bag was knitted top down so I think that it could be easily size adjustable. Finally the handles are sturdy and stable."

I followed up with her (delightful woman!) and asked permission to share her comments here with you all as she simply made my day!  In our email conversations she went on to say...

"I am teaching some new knitters and they have enjoyed watching me knit this one and how easy it is to work up in spite how complicated it looks.

Over my 60+ years of knitting I have never found a pattern or even a kit that I really liked the outcome. Yours - is awesome!!! I really like the sturdy feel of the handles and the whole look of the bag.

Believe me - everyone on my Christmas list is getting one this year even the guys. Just knitting up in neutral colors or using brown tones. Since mine turned out smaller than I would use at my local farmers market I am using it for a knitting project bag and getting tons of “oh mys”. Directing everyone to your pattern.

Thank you so much for the pattern. You are amazing."

jolbrooks you rocked my world today.  Thank you so much for this feedback and for letting me brag on my blog.  You are the reason I design!

jolbrooks also had some great suggestions!

"I think this is a “must do” for new knitters. It will build confidence and if they use a cotton cone they won’t have to fuss about anything coming apart.

I took extra duplicate stitches in fastening my handles so there wouldn’t be any strain on the top part of the bag. Was thinking I might use clever button as just a deco or even use another color and make a design in the tabs of the handles."

Cotton Carry-All is still available for free download on Ravelry.  664 Downloads to Date - woo hoo!

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