Thursday, June 9, 2011

Class Starts Tomorrow

I'm very excited (and nervous) - tomorrow is Day 1 of my Knit Research & Rescue class.  I've got my materials ready and tonight I'll be creating my sample swatches on giant needles for improved visibility during referencing in class.

This class is all about being able to recognize mistakes and fix them on the fly without having to rip back miles of work.  Day 1 I'll be covering how to correct accidental YOs, KF&B/Bar Increases, K2TOG, and Dropped Stitches.  The class format is unique because I have students intentionally create the errors in a swatch, and then we look at the anatomy of the stitches and errors and use a drop-down method of correction.

This class was born from my very "Type A" perfectionist need to have absolutely perfectly knit projects and my frustration with frogging out row after row of perfect knitting to get to some minor flaw that drove me insane.  I don't expect my class participants to be quite as extreme about it as I am, only to be interested in making corrections in their work that disturb the appearance of the finished object or cause them issues when following patterns.

I expect I will learn as much as the students, if not more.

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