Thursday, September 30, 2010

Doctor's Orders...

Sorry folks, there is going to be a minor delay in getting "Brandy" finished.  I seem to have injured my shoulder knitting a skirt (it's a contact sport, you know) and the doctor has told me I need to take a break and let it heal.  I only have 20 rows to go to complete the test knit on this hat, which I really should have finished before I started work on this lovely cabled skirt, and as tempted as I am, the doctor also reminded me that if I push it, I will regret it later and will have to take an even longer break, so for now, I'm being... good?

This "no-knit" break is providing me with a healthy dose of creative frustration.  I'm being bombarded with ideas, but don't have the luxury of casting them on.  The upside of this is I'm thinking past that first creative notion and refining the concepts mentally.  I'm hoping to have a couple fully developed ideas ready by the time I'm allowed to needle again, including a two-color short row shaping piece that's more fun than the functional feminine stuff I have been working on.

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