Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sam's First Real Field Trip - McCalls Pumpkin Farm

Tuesday, Sam and I went on the school field trip to McCall Pumpkin Farm in Moriarty, NM. Sam went on his first school bus ride - myself and other chaperones followed the bus on the hour long trek East.

Unfortunately, I've been fighting off some weird cold/bug - been tired, weak and dizzy, but I made it to the trip. I did not, however, take any photos - sorry folks. I had five kids in my group - Sam, Jane, Aidan, Trinity and Lorna. Aidan's mom, Mrs. Whittemore also helped with the group, as did Aidan's grandmother.

Sam and I went on a hayride, picked pumpkins to bring home, ate bag lunches with the rest of our group, visited bunnies, pigs, goats, a bull and a pony, and played in various mazes, dirt piles, horse swings, slides, big tires.

After the group activities, I signed Sam out so he could ride home with me. We stopped at the McCall country store. Sam bought a tracker like the one that pulled the hayride. I picked up some pickled green beans for John - a rare and wonderful treat, and found a rooster for Mom.

Sam insisted we walk past the horses. Once in the car, we made it about 6 miles before I heard snoring. I know one little boy who had a very big day!

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