Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jack-o-Lantern Cap

100% Cotton Handknit Infant/Baby Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Hat/Cap Handknit

I just finished this one last night. I've posted him to as I have had a couple of requests for this style.

I've decided to make all of my Jack-o-Lanterns unique - no two faces will be alike.

To make this one, I used graph paper and colored in a classic face design. His mouth is purposely lop-sided. I love this pattern, there are just so many options!

Ok, here's the basic pattern (This is for the original Fruit Cap design. I have altered it for the Jack-o-Lantern, et. al):

Use Size #7 DPN

Cast on 72 (80, 88) STS and K evenly for 18 (20, 22) rows.

To add Strawberry Seeds:

Row 1: K7 MC, K1 Green. Repeat to end of row

Row 2-4: K MC

Row 5: K3 MC, K1 Green, { K7, K1 Green } Repeat brackets to end, K remaining MC

Row 6-8: K MC

Repeat Rows 1-8 if extra length is needed.

When cap measures 4 1/2" (4 3/4", 5") and there are three solid rows of MC begin leaf pattern.

Top Leaves:

Row 1: K7 MC, K1 Green, repeat

Row 2: K5 MC, K3 Green, repeat

Row 3: K3 MC, K5 Green, repeat

Row 4: K1 MC, K7 Green, repeat

Row 5: K row Green

Row 6: K7 Green, K2TOG, repeat

Row 7: K6 Green, K2TOG, repeat

Row 8: K5 Green, K2TOG, repeat

Row 9: K4 Green, K2TOG, repeat

Row 10: K3 Green, K2TOG, repeat

Row 11: K2 Green, K2TOG, repeat

Row 12: K1 Green, K2TOG, repeat

Row 13: K2TOG, repeat

One ST should remain from each leaf. K these STS for 6 rows. K2TOG around and pull tail to shape stem. Secure tail.

To increase the size of the hat on this pattern, always use multiples of 8 stitches in your cast on. Rows increase by mulitple of 2 and length with multiples of 1/4".

Pattern courtesy of Ann Norling (tm)

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