Monday, May 28, 2018

Knit Up and Dye Episode 69 - That Moment When...

This week I share a lot of wonderful mail I received, cover ways to correct weak ribbing, discuss choosing the right yarn for a project, update you on my progress with my DAL project Farmhouse Shawl, as well as all my other WIPS, and detail some of the upcoming and proposed activities. Come join the fun!

Dedicated to Arthur & Maggie.

Knit Up & Dye
Host: Jessica L'Heureux
Ravelry: jesseknits
Ravelry Group: Knit Up & Dye Podcast
Instagram: dyemonkeyyarns

Theme Music:
"Throw the Hammer Hard" - Bob Log III
Thank you, thank you, Bob for letting me use this!
Buy his music at

My patreons, who's funding has helped improve lighting and will soon be improving sound quality.

Marie - all my love and thanks. Your generosity is overwhelming!

Maggie & Arthur
Thank you watching and for submitting a GREAT question!
I promise to be as regular as possible, as well as better looking and smarter than your weatherman.

Featured Patterns & Yarns:

  • "How to Eat an Elephant Blanket" Formula available on my project page on Ravelry
  • "Lost in Space" socks by Jessica L'Heureux - pattern in development
  • "Farmhouse" shawl by Jessica L'Heureux - pattern in development

Tippy Tree Yarns by Tiffany Foppe
Featuring: "Changing Aspens" fingering on Superwash Merino Single

Supernatural Yarns by Shannon Shaw
Featuring: "Professor Lockhart" on Mermaid Sock

The Yarn and I by Capi Puszcz
Featuring: "Love, From Lisa" on Superwash Merino


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Entries close September 1st.

Open call for prize donations!
If you are feeling generous, I'm looking for design along prize donations.
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See you next time!

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