Sunday, November 1, 2015

First Frost Lace Weight Yarn Club

First Frost Lace Weight Yarn Club is a 3 month club with shipments starting in December 2015.

The club features two levels:

Level One: Receive 1 skein/colorway per month for 3 months US: $99 / CANADA: $114

Level Two: Receive 2 skeins/colorways per month for 3 months US: $192.75 / CANADA $208.50

Payment arrangements can be made, or you may make a single payment.

Level One: Three Payments of $33 (US) / $38 (CANADA) 
Level Two: Three Payments of $64.25 (US) / $69.50 (CANADA)

Club members will have the option of purchasing additional skeins of their favorite colorways to add to their club. 
US: $31.25/skein CANADA $31.50/skein

  • You will pick the colorways you wish to receive.
  • ALL prices include shipping.
  • You are welcome to order a club membership as a gift.
  • You may choose invoicing via PayPal or Private Listing via Etsy.
  • Shipments will begin December 5th, and subsequent packages will go out the first week of January and February.
  • The club is open to US and Canada only.
  • Colorways will not be available to purchase outside of the club until May 2016.

Colorways (left to right): Smoked Plum, Shale, Sterling, Mulled Wine, Chocolate, Midnight

These colorways were designed as a cohesive collection. Each colorway will work in conjunction with every other colorway for beautiful two-color projects.

Skeins shown above have been re-skeined to exemplify their tonal qualities. You will receive your skeins as they come out of the dyepot.

Yarn: Waltz Monkey ~ 80% Superfine Merino/20% Silk 100g/875 yards 
Airy and elegant with a light sheen. Blocks beautifully.

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