Friday, November 27, 2015

Color Friday

Here I sit contemplating my day over a mug of coffee while my husband prepares to go to work.  It's "Black Friday" - I really hate black friday. Why, you ask? Because I don't like the crowds and pressure. For me the holidays are about getting away from the crowds and pressure. They're about taking in the season, enjoying the sights and smells and sounds, about pulling back from it all and appreciating what you have, not what you want. The very thought of having to leave my house for as much as a trip to the grocery for aspirin brings me out in a sweat. I used to love shopping for friends and family, but over the years the crowds and pressure have just gotten to be too much for me. I've already (it's 6am) heard multiple sirens off in the distance, presumably rescuing an auto accident victim or headed out to control a retail issue, it doesn't matter; I don't want to get in the way.

And so, I plan my day.  I think today I'll dye.

What a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the season. I'll turn on some holiday music, nibble some cookies... wait - what cookies?  Okay... try again. I'll turn on some holiday music, make a couple batches of cookies to nibble on, and let the sounds and smells of the season inspire me to create some new colorways.  I'll dance, play with the dogs, get a little knitting in between dye batches, maybe do some reading/catch up on blogs. My husband reads my blogs over my shoulder and just reminded me that a glass of wine could be on my list. I can make that happen too. Whole thing sounds like a great plan.

And so, I'm off to create "Color Friday".  How do you spend your holidays?

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