Sunday, December 11, 2011

Over Confidence = Knit Fail

Friday I visited my LYS to pick up supplies for a new design test knit.  I'd estimated my needs, and KNEW that I had one skein of the red yarn I needed at home, so I purchased 2 Navy skeins and just 1 more skein in Red.  Saturday I started the actual knit work.  At one point, approximately 20% of the way complete, I grew a little nervous about the amount of yarn remaining and reviewed my estimated yardage needs against my actual usage, did a little math, and decided I was in the clear.  Sunday, I worked another 20% before I chose to re-evaluate, just to be sure.

My need to review my supply over and over should have been a clue that my subconscious knew something I was missing.  My math was good.  My color memory, not so much.  When I went to pull that other skein out of my stash, as it was coming close to time for the new ball, I discovered that the "Red" I'd previously acquired wasn't just from another dye lot, but another color shade altogether. Christmas Red and Burgundy aren't even close.

How big an issue is this?  20% = 100 four foot long rows or 2600 stitches.  I'm 40% done, which means I may have to pull 5200 stitches out to recover my yarn.

Is my LYS open Sunday's? NO!  Am I panicked?  YES!
Do I know better than to start a project before visually verifying all supplies and tools? YES.
Were lessons learned?  Indeed and follow thusly, as we all should be reminded.

  1. Over Confidence = Knit Fail  (Even seasoned astronauts have checklists.)
  2. BEFORE beginning project, gather all supplies and tools to verify their existence and attendance in full required quantity.  (Just like baking cookies!)
  3. MAINTAIN a stash inventory online at
  4. REFER to your Ravelry stash online if in store with doubts as to your stash.
  5. REFER to your Raverly stash online if in store and purchasing anything in addition to, to compliment or to supplement your stash. (How many of us have bought the same yarn over and over because we loved it? Or, as in my case, the wrong color?)
  6. CALL your LYS as soon as you suspect an issue.  Don't wait until they are closed to realize you MUST have that yarn.  MOST LYS will happily hold yarn for you with a simple phone call.
Keep your fingers crossed for me the LYS still has this in stock for me.
Happy knitting all!

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