Saturday, February 5, 2011

Magical Inspiration!

Not that I needed inspiration for more designs...

I'm a huge fan of Ravelry.  (If you knit/crochet, and you're not a member, you are missing out.  Join today - it's free and loaded with not only a wonderful community of fellow stitchers & hookers, it has a HUGE library of both free and for fee patterns, and is an incredible resource for techniques, and so, so much more!)  While perusing a friend's completed projects, I ran across a project that had been completed for credit in one of the Ravelry Groups - HP Knitting/Crochet House Cup.  I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I researched more about this group and decided to join.  Sadly, the sorting had already been done for the winter term, however, late joins are allowed to play along (just not for points).  It's actually a wonderful option and allows you time to learn the ropes.

Basically, it works like this.  You are a student at Hogwarts and you choose your classes.  You can earn credit for up to 6 classes per term.  Each class has homework, and to earn points you must complete a project within the assignment month and turn it in as homework.  Each homework assignment has certain criteria your project needs to fit into to qualify as completed homework. 

I chose to start with an Herbology project.  I read the criteria and used it as inspiration to design a project that qualified.  Much to my delight, a new pattern design quickly emerged.  (Had I not been in the designer mindset, I could have selected a pattern I wanted to complete that fit criteria and done that instead.  That is what most of the players do, and it's a great way to wrangle your WIP's and UFO's.)

And so, "Dittany" was born.

Pattern is in final tech-editing stage and will be made available as soon as it's done.

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