Thursday, February 3, 2011

Falling Temps, Falling Prices!

I had a theory that by the time I finished a scarf for myself, the weather would be too warm to wear it.  Thusly, I focused like crazy on that scarf and got it done fast in some mad witchcraft hope that it would speed the onset of warmer weather.  I finished the scarf just in time for nearly 60 degree weather.  That was last weekend.  Mother Nature has since decided to chime in and show me who's boss.

Now it's cold.  Really, really cold.  I'm talking about the coldest temperatures we've had in New Mexico since before I was born (NO joke!) and to honor knitters everywhere looking for affordable, stylish, warm knit patterns, I've just reduced the price on all of my hat patterns to just $3.00.

May you all knit something warm for yourselves!

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