Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow is Magical

I've forgotten how wonderful a snow day can be.  Today wasn't a work day for me, but still there is magic in that first snow.

I also forgot how peaceful and quiet my house is without a puppy.  Don't get me wrong - love her - but, damn.

The vet-assistant says Haley did great in surgery.  She'll be all set in the morning.  I've completed the laundry, washed windows (the horror!), washed dishes (I'm ill for sure!), dusted, watered the plants, updated my blogs, watched "Julie & Julia" AND "You've Got Mail" (which is one of my new favorite Christmas movies) and even made a little surprise for John.  And yes, they are totally for John - I HATE peanut butter cookies, and don't particularly care for blackberry or blueberry jam, all of which he'll enjoy right after he digs the HUGE splinter I got in my finger washing the out side (call a doctor!) of the windows.

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