Friday, December 17, 2010


We woke this morning to the first snow of the season.  We received 4 inches of very heavy, wet snow that packs and ices easily.  John barely got out of the driveway!  I was up at 4am shovelling, trying to help John get to work on time.  Once he was off, I cleared the driveway and put in some time rescuing laden trees.  Just when I was beginning ache from shovelling and wishing it hadn't snowed quite so much, I found joy again - Haley experienced her first snow.  This is the only good picture I got of her, the rest are blurs - she loved the snow and was running all over the back yard, diving through the sagebrush.  It was a relief for her after spending all day yesterday cooped up in her crate while it rained and we worked.  But sadly, her joy was short lived.  Haley went to the vet first thing and is still there having her spay surgery.  She'll be home tomorrow morning and under orders to take it easy.  She'll just have to wait for the next storm.  Until then, Stinky and Chica are napping quietly, grateful there isn't a wet puppy pulling at them to play outside.

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