Thursday, April 29, 2010

We seem to have a nasty case of Spring Fever this year.  We spent much of April trying new things to keep us entertained.

We attended First Friday Fractals at the Museum of Science in Albuquerque.  It was a beautiful presentation in their planetarium of fractal art with locally composed and produced music.  The lecture included some information about fractals but mostly just visual displays and explorations.  We've since downloaded free software from the Internet to build our own fractal images.  You can check out information about fractals and get the software yourself at  You can play with that software for HOURS and never get bored.

John and I went to a small Día de los Muertos art exhibit / sale in Albuquerque.  If you ever have a chance, check this art form out.  Very interesting.  The celebration of the dead is so vibrant, the colors used are so vivid, and the carnival atmosphere so upbeat you can't help but look differently at death.  It is definately worth the experience.  Images online just don't do it justice.

We recently had Showtime free preview, so we filled up our DVR with anything and everything that seemed remotely interesting.  This behavior usually yields some very weird results.  If you've never seen "The Amateurs" or "Lars and the Real Girl" give them a go.  I laughed through "The Amateurs" until I hurt.  I honestly couldn't believe I'd never heard of it or seen it before.  I think I might have lived in this town at some point, or read about it in the Bethel Citizen.

"Lars and the Real Girl" was an incredible look into mental illness and how far we'll go for the people we love.  Very moving.  If you didn't watch it because it's got a sex doll in it... get over it - she's dressed, chaste and an amazing woman.  Oh, and NO, this isn't "Mannequin 8".

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