Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life in general...

As the weather improves, it seems like we have more and more to do, but nothing ground shaking to report, so here's just a couple general tidbits from our home & lives.

Audrey the Aloe

Audrey is our aloe plant. I inherited Audrey from Jane (who owned the house before us). At the time Audrey was a sad, olive colored, wilted looking thing with just three leaves, about 4 inches tall. Jane told me she didn't figure it would live, but it was mine if I could make it survive. Survive it did. Audrey grew to about 30 inches tall before it suddenly chose to bloom. It's got two current babies, and one earlier offspring that is already approaching 10 inches. Audrey didn't really get his name until it got big enough to stab me everytime I walked by him (as John was kind enough to demonstrate for you), reminding me of "Audrey 2" from Little Shop of Horrors. He is a most impressive plant. We are a little concerned about how much larger he could get. Most websites report them reaching 2 feet in diameter. We aren't far from that. I'm hoping his size isn't his doom, but if it is, we are due to harvest a whole lot of aloe juice.

Monster Burger
We don't eat out very often. Our dining options here are limited to chain burger joints, chain pizza joints, chain taco joints, and a few independent restaurants that are never open when we do want to go out. So, when the burger cravings come, we only have a couple of choices; risk e coli poisoning, or make it ourselves. Hence, we re-wrote the definition of burger and the Monster Burger was born. Monster Burger is a hollowed-out loaf of toasted Artesian garlic bread heavily painted with English BrewPub Mustard, a monster patty of grilled Moraccan seasoned ground bison, thick slices of tomatoes, romain lettuce, and almost too many sandwich-stacker-style dill pickles. Ta-Da! Dinner for two. I like to dip mine in lavendar gorgonzola mayonaise. If you haven't re-defined "burger" yet, I highly recommend it! Light the grill and get to it.

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