Sunday, March 7, 2010

Firey Foods & Barbecue Show 2010

John and I attended the annual Firey Foods & Barbecue Show this weekend out at Sandia Resort & Casino. Although I'm not a fan of "hot" food, I do enjoy the opportunity to sample all of the different salsas, dip mixes, candies and various other chili pepper inclusive foods. Usually the beer tasting helps my tolerance, as do the chips, pretzels, cheeses, and ice cream samples, but this year there wasn't anything that was capable of putting out the fire I experienced courtesy of the German Chili Police and their "Painmaker" sauce. I have no idea how many Scoville I experienced, nor to I know what inspired me to taste before consulting John who'd tasted just seconds before. I do know that no food has ever made me spontaneously cry or fear the scorching revisit of vomit. The police win. This stuff was "edible mace" and I will never answer the question "Do you like it hot?" quite the same way again.

On the upside, we enjoyed many fruit inclusive salsas this year, and I'm looking forward to canning some different recipes this year. Also, I met some wonderful people and I look forward to working with them to improve their websites and online marketing.

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