Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long Cold Winter

It's been a long cold winter. I feel like we felt the first shadows of winter all the way back in September when we experienced a cold night in the Old Port and saw frost on the windshields in Maine. We returned to the desert and forgot, only to be reminded again on Independence Pass, where I felt so stupid walking in dress shoes through snow 4 inches deep - a fashion before logic event. Again we returned home to warmer weather, but this time it didn't last. In early December we stacked away 2 cords, thinking we were good for TWO years. It's almost gone now. New Years was bitterly cold and windy in Northeast Arizona - so cold that waiting an hour for our sodas, and another 45 minutes for our less-than-Denny's-class dinners was bearable over leaving for a different dinner option. Fast forward many fires in the wood stove to March. We've been out on the motorcycles ONCE since early October... anyone who knows John knows it's been REALLY COLD. That itch is forming a nasty rash. Just 5 more degrees and it's "Leave a message, we'll return your call, maybe."

The few "warm" days we've had this winter were spent on gardening projects. We are very excited about Green Bin Farm. We've added two potato gardens (I'll blog more about this project later.) and built a compost enclosure. We are researching greenhouse options, and have even tossed around the responsibilities of adding chickens (Stinky and Chica weighing in). In January we joined a local CSA (community supported agriculture) and have enjoyed inspiring organic vegetables ever since. The box provides us with culinary challenges and new experiences such as broccolette, purple potatoes (ask me about Mashed Barney) and lots of cauliflower. Its been a fun and delicious experience and we are excited to add new foods and heirloom varieties to our garden. We're finally thinking the worst of winter is past us and we can start to plan. Soon we'll have seedlings all over the house and evenings will be spent having dinner in the front garden and watching UFOs fly over the mountain - we're sure they do!

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