Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sam's First Day of School - Kindergarten

Today is Sam's first day in kindergarten at Enchanted Hills Elementary School. I am amazed at how quickly 5 years can pass!

Sam is smartly dressed in khaki Van Heusen slacks (size 5 reg) and a red Lee School button up (size 6).

His school has a strict dress code. He is only allowed solid color clothing - no stripes or patterns. Shirts can be blue, green, white, khaki, gray, red or turquoise. Any insignias must be smaller than a 1/2 dollar. Pants can ony be blue, green, white, khaki or gray. Jeans are allowed.

Sam's teachers are Ms. Magee and Mrs. Hunt. There is also a classroom helper, Mrs. Galindo. He is one of 17 students in his class.

Sam will be taking classes in language arts, written language, math, science, and social studies. He will also recieve lessons from the student counselor, librarian, coach, music teacher and art teacher.

Chris and I walked Sam to school this morning after we took pictures. School pictures are horrible... I remember lining up with my siblings to take first day pictures and hating it... now I'm a parent and I understand:

Be serious
Stand up
Stop making faces
Why can't you just stand there normal
Look at me
Put your hands down
Just relax
No, not straight like that
Just stand there

Still, we managed to get a couple of pictures that aren't completely embarrassing.

Sam was excited, to say the least. I think both Chris and I were more nervous than he was. We both managed to forget to bring Sam's lunch money to school.

At first Sam wasn't so sure about kindergarten. When the teacher asked whether he was being picked up or taking a bus, he announced he would be taking a bus. We quickly corrected that and made sure the teacher knew he most likely will never take the bus. Chris's house is behind the school and I live in another district (less than 7 miles away!) Then Sam's other teacher asked him if he brought lunch from home or was he eating school lunch. He announced he brought lunch from home. Again, we corrected this and made sure the teacher knew he most likely would always have school lunch.

So... as a mother, I'm now sure someday Sam will be starving as he rides across town on some bus to a friend's house I don't know.

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  1. When did Sam turn into a young man? Oh my he has grown!! How can school actually be starting, Labor Day is not until Sept. 4th. How impressive, 1st day of school photos and the entire child is pictured; head and everything. Where did you learn to take such pictures? Your mother perhaps? I recently came across a 1st day of school picture taken about '78. I couldn't help but think of it looking at the wonderful shots of Sam. So you think 5 years went fast? Don't get too comfortable the next 13 will knock you off your feet, racing at the speed of light. (unless Sam is discovered across town, hungry, at the home of people you don't know; that will slow time down for just a bit) Loving the Blog thing! Loved the pics today! Update more!!