Sunday, December 4, 2022

Until it's right...

Recently I posted about this sweater. If you look closely, you'll quickly notice that the picture to the left shows a very similar project, but this one lacks a section of ribbing.  Why?

Well, there was a gauge issue. A big one. My swatch and the actual project were one stitch per inch different. 

One stitch. Per inch. 

One stitch never sounds like a lot, but when you do the math, for this project it meant a difference of 7 inches in chest measurement. Those 7 inches meant my 2" of positive ease were actually 5" of negative ease, effectively creating a wool sausage casing. 

Not the goal.

I ripped the entire project back. Swatched again. Went up TWO needle sizes. Swatched again. (Can you tell how dedicated I am to this *!@&* project?!) 

I cast on again. This time instead of starting with the neck ribbing, I'm opting to go back and pick up for the neckline. On the last iteration, I found I wasn't entirely happy with the gauge of it against the colorwork and think I'll be better served being able to work it and rip out if necessary later.

So far, I'm much happier with the fabric. It's less dense - did I mention I went UP TWO needle sizes? - and at the larger gauge it's knitting up faster. 

My plan is to work down to where I divide for sleeves and try it on. I'll make decisions then. Until I reach that point, I'm carrying all twelve lines, loosely looping carry ups rather than cutting just yet, so as to keep each line fully intact. If I rip back, I'll have full yardage rather than scraps. This means a lot of yarn management. I keep telling myself it's a worthwhile investment and not self inflicted torture. I tell myself a lot of things.

It's going to be amazing.

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