Saturday, March 24, 2018

Colorway Chronicles: Wrench Turner

Beauty can be found in unlikely places. "Wrench Turner" is an homage to one such place: the garage.

My husband is mechanically inclined and his love of motorcycles keeps him well entertained in our garage. I often will take my knitting (during the warmer months) and sit in the driveway while he changes tires, adjusts chains, performs oil changes and even rebuilds engines. It provides us companionable time, gives him a convenient third hand as necessary, and me the opportunity to watch my husband do what he loves in his favorite environment, which to me is a thing of beauty. I love to watch him, how he manipulates these parts and machines, selects the right greases and lubricants, and keeps his equipment in running order. It is a dirty ballet with a knowledge and a grace that fascinates me. And when his hands are dirty, I know he's happy.

"Wrench Turner" is my attempt to capture the smears and drops of grease and oil that so decorates a happy mechanic. This is an "organic" warm grey-brown tonal colorway. (Organic referencing the colors... green/brown undertones.)

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