Saturday, January 20, 2018

Colorway Chronicles: Under the Sea

Sometimes improvising a design based on how you're feeling is fun and has wonderful results.

I was preparing to film an episode of my podcast and had a couple specific techniques in mind that I wanted to demonstrate as a double process, but was feeling rather uninspired. Weather had been cold and nasty, not just here, but pretty well across the entire country, and I knew that a winter inspired or themed sock blank was not what people wanted to see. Still, I wanted to use blue because it shows up really well on camera. I thumbed through my collection of stencils, and discovered I have a lot of summer themed stencils and absolutely no winter ones. I found myself fretting a little thinking summer felt inappropriate, but then I realized, a tropical vacation was exactly what I was craving, and likely, so was everyone else. You can find the full demonstration of the creation of this blank in Episode 52: So Much Gratitude.

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