Sunday, August 16, 2015

Shop Update: New Colorways for Fall!

 I've just updated my Etsy Shop with new colorways!

Drusilla on Tap Monkey fingering
Two of my favorites this season are Drusilla and Night Shadows.

Drusilla is a strong, powerful, magical and decidedly evil woman. She's also loyal, loving and beautiful, but cross her and she'll call upon the flying monkeys.

Lovely walnut wood tones from deep browns to tawny tans, accented with glorious rich purples and lavenders. This yarn was kettle dyed, but due to some clever techniques, it is likely to self stripe if you knit socks with it.

Night Shadows on Hip Hop Monkey fingering

Night Shadows

Curious shapes appear in the dark of night, especially under a full moon.

Deep navy, black-navy shadows, full moon white and many interesting shades in between.

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