Sunday, June 7, 2015

Shop Update: New Weight (lace) & New Colors!

Just updated my Etsy shop with new yarns!

I'm now offering "Email & Merlot" on Salsa Monkey (worsted), and "Single & Fabulous" on Ballet Monkey (lace).

I've also added two new colorways:

"Wizard's Ink" which has a gorgeous mix of purples from lilac to plum, periwinkle to navy and hints of deep teal to turquoise with occasional variances up to pink. Like ink swirling...


"Partly Cloudy" with glorious crystal blue skies of summer with just a smattering of clouds. Blues range from pale baby blue to rich "crayola" blue, with hints of everything from teal to periwinkle, and of course hints of silver, white and cream. Really lovely. Both of the new colorways are on Tango Monkey (worsted - high yardage - 430 yards/250g)

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