Monday, February 24, 2014

Changes, Adjustments and Progress

I know. You are shocked. You were sure I had either died or dropped off the planet. Neither is true, but life has changed, to be sure.

In January I started a new job. This position, unlike my last, is full time and doesn't offer the same "knit while you work" luxury as the last. I very much enjoy my new occupation, but it has definitely abbreviated my knitting and design hours. During the first weeks, while I settled in, I enjoyed nearly no knitting. Now that I'm more confident and past training, I'm back to my true passion.

The Forbidden Forest Shawl is in the final testing stages. This is my first crescent shaped shawl. It is also my first bottom up design. I've created a lovely leafy pattern that starts large and becomes increasingly smaller as it works toward the body of the shawl, much like walking from the forest edge into its depths. Each of these are reasons to be proud, but it's the neck edge detail that really sets this design apart.

I'm working with Shannon Shaw of Supernatural Yarns to release this design as a kit. Details will follow as they are hammered out.

Finally, I'm excited to announce that Cherokee Rose socks are now available for individual pattern purchase. This pattern was originally available in exclusive cooperation with Shannon Shaw's Supernatural Yarn's release of a colorway by the same name as part of her Daryl Dixon sock yarn club. I'm very fond of Supernatural Yarns. Shannon is an exceptionally talented yarn dyer and has an exquisite eye for color.  Be sure to visit her online on Ravelry and via her Etsy shop where you can find her Firefly, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games inspired colorways.

Available via Ravelry - $3.50 USD.

Now, if I can just figure out how to knit in my sleep...

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