Sunday, August 11, 2013

Filling Time, Filling Jars

As many of you know, I have a broken wrist. It's a stress fracture - nothing too horrible, but it means no knitting, which means all I can think about is knitting. The knitting moratorium will last two more weeks. That is two more weeks of pacing, adding projects to my queue, pacing, and making everyone around me insane.

I have been trying to fill the time constructively. 

I just spent two days balling sock yarn left-overs and displaying them nicely in my studio. I regard these jars as a form of art, as well as a reminder that yarn is currently off-limits.  As I wound them (left-handed, mind you) I imagined the crazy socks I could knit with them. As a matter of fact, I've been thinking a lot about what I'll knit once I'm allowed to. I'm considering making a collection of finger-less gloves and mitts to complement the Fancy Foot Bags collection. Like the sock collection, they would be knit in different directions - some would be fingers to wrist and others wrist to fingers. I think it will be a fun experiment. 

I've been taking my many Craftsy classes.  My current favorite is "Learn to Design Handknit Garments" with Shirley Paden.  I also own her book "Knitwear Design Workshop - A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits" which works hand in hand with her Craftsy class, if not providing even more in-depth instruction, beyond the classes outlined garments.  She offers fantastic formula methods for calculating the size and shaping changes for garments.  I've enjoyed the class and highly recommend it to anyone looking for clear, concise instruction on how to build your own garment from the ground up - regardless of whether you're a professional designer, or simply wanting to create something that will fit.  To learn more about the class, click HERE.

Have you taken any great Craftsy classes? Which would you recommend?

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