Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's play a game called... Sonya Says!

Sonya is my friend.  Sonya is one of those talented knitters who, when you call her a talented knitter, immediately scoffs and claims she isn't, yet she has knit, and continues to knit, things I won't attempt, which in turn, gives me the right to call her a talented knitter.  It's my logic and I sticking to it.

Sonya says I don't blog enough.  Okay Sonya.  You are right.  I don't.  And the reason for this is... I simply don't know what to blog about.  This blog is dedicated to my knitting. I write posts about upcoming designs and classes, techniques, sales on patterns and the like, but that really doesn't offer me a steady stream of content.  Sonya told me I should write whatever comes to mind.   Therefore, tonight's topic is exactly that - what is on my mind - which is thinking about what Sonya said.

If I write more blogs about my more obscure thoughts on knitting and my design experiences, will it detract from my blog?  Will my handful of readers give up on me?  Will Sonya regret her suggestion?

I turned 40 this year.  (Bear with me... this digression will make sense in a moment.)  This being a milestone year, I've set some goals and I'm making some changes.  In this spirit, I'm actively working to shrug off my debilitating self criticisms and work beyond my fears - i.e. stop operating in response to irrational fears.

This having been said, I'm going to actively push aside my fear of losing readers, assume that new, fresh, entertaining content will actually interest and engage more readers, and write more blog posts. I shall boldly blog as I've never blogged before.

(Here's where you comment with encouraging messages.)

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