Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photography and Upcoming Releases

Dance Lessons with McGonagall
Pattern by Jessica L'Heureux
Photo Credit: John L'Heureux
Today was a perfect day for photographing product - slightly overcast, not too dark, not too bright, just good even light.  My husband John is my principal (only) photographer.  I love when I can twist his arm into working on my product shots with me.  He's simply a better photographer than I am, which frees me up and affords me a free model - me.  I don't particularly like being the model, but I know the products fit me, and because I'm working with my husband, I'm a lot more comfortable and less nervous.  He makes me look good.

Anyway... here's a sneak peek a two sock patterns.  I've been teasing you for months with these, and will continue to do so for just a little while longer as I'm planning to release these patterns as part of a collection, hopefully early this summer.  Some of these patterns in the collection will be available for individual purchase, some will only be available as part of the collection.  Which and what are yet to be determined.
Double Agent Socks
Pattern by Jessica L'Heureux Photo Credit: John L'Heureux

As part of the photo shoot, I also had some of my samples and one-of-a-kind products photographed.  I'll be making these items available for sale in the very near future in my Etsy store.  (I'll announce it when they're posted.)  

Among these items you will find some products made from my hand painted yarns.  I hope you love the colorways as much as I enjoyed creating them.
Photo Credit: John L'Heureux

Among the one-of-a-kind items you'll find this gorgeous scarf made with eight different yarns.  It is long, beaded and wonderful.  Usually I crop myself out of photos as much as possible, but I'm really happy with this photo.  John did a great job making me look good and highlighting the product.  Thank you Honey!

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